Saudi coach at Kattakalip; This is where Argentina really lost; Video

World Cup Qatar 2022

Saudi coach at Kattakalip; This is where Argentina really lost; Video

Saudi Arabia beat Argentina in the Qatar World Cup by surprising even the football gods. When Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia by two goals to one, the whole world bowed to Hervé Renard.

Anyone who saw the game will never forget Renard, the master who scored all of Argentina’s numbered goals in the offside trap, and who led Saudi Arabia to victory with two goals in the middle of Argentina’s dotted line.

Argentina took the lead in the 10th minute of the game with Messi’s goal showing their complete dominance in the first half. But in the second half, the main sight on the ground was the Saudi players overcoming the tactics of Lionel Scoloni.

From the moment they arrived on the ground at the end of the first half, Messi had to face another Saudi Arabia. Renard is the reason for that.

A video of Renard giving tricks to his kids during halftime of the game is now going viral. He says things like marking Messi.

He infused his team with renewed energy and confidence by insisting that this is the World Cup and playing with that conviction.

Saudi, who entered the field with this spirit, destroyed Argentina.

This is the first time in history that Saudi Arabia has defeated Argentina, which is the strongest in world football.

The game started with Argentina advancing. Argentina’s first goal was scored with star Lionel Messi’s penalty kick.

The referee awarded Argentina a penalty because Al Bulayahi fouled Paredes inside the box. Not wasting this penalty, Messi moved the Saudi net in the 10th minute.

In the second half, the Saudi players shook the Argentine net by scoring two consecutive goals within five minutes. Salih Al Shehri scored the first goal in the 48th minute. Salim Al Dausari scored the second goal in the 53rd minute to ensure the team were in a clear lead.

Saudi continued to stop all Argentinian advances to draw a draw. Messi’s free kick flew over the Saudi post. Messi’s header was easily handled by the goalkeeper.

Argentina could not take advantage of the eight minutes they had in extra time. This ended Argentina’s unbeaten run of 36 games. Messi and his team have to face Poland and Mexico, who are stronger than Saudi Arabia, in the next matches.

Content highlight: Hervé Renard’s halftime speech changed the course of Saudi Arabia against Argentina.

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