Saudi National Day Celebration; More than 10 lakh people registered for the Saudi National Day Celebration volunteer service; More than 10 lakh people registered for voluntary service

Riyadh: As the 92nd National Day celebrations progressed, more than 10 lakh people registered to volunteer on the volunteer portal of the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. The Ministry has explained that those who have come forward voluntarily for voluntary service in activities related to the National Day celebrations and humanitarian initiatives are registered in this way. The aim of the portal is to promote people’s welfare activities offered by the government and private agencies in various fields including support opportunities.

Mishel Al-Mubarak, Voluntary Director General, Ministry of Social Development

The portal will act as an incubator providing a safe environment for volunteers. The portal will coordinate initiatives that offer volunteering opportunities. The ministry also explained that the portal will protect the rights of such agencies and volunteers. Mishael Al-Mubarak, the Ministry’s Director General of Voluntary Affairs, said in an interview that volunteers will have the opportunity to make their own contribution during the National Day celebrations, which have already started throughout the country and will be widespread on Friday, y National Day, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development will provide the necessary encouragement. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and the General Administration of Volunteering will provide opportunities for volunteer services at various cultural, historical and heritage events across the country in connection with the National Day. He was of the opinion that such activities and their social implications will help the country achieve the goals of ‘Vision 2030’.

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