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Export of regulatory technology for research reactors to Saudi Arabia

Institute of Nuclear Safety and Technology under the NSSC(KINS)Conclude the contract through this international bidding and start the business

Nuclear Safety Committee(Chairman Yoo Kuk-hee, below circle comfort’)Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety and Technology, a specialized regulatory agency under the(Director Kim Seok-cheol, below ‘KINS’)this saudiArabian Wonmagnetismregulatory committee(NRRC*)conspired by Regulation of research reactorsprocedure Development and technical support businessParticipate in international bidding USD 2,321,000(approximately 30billions of dollars)signed a business contract with7month 26announced that he would start a business.

* NRRC (Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission): nuclear power·Radiation-related regulations establish policy·Saudi government agency that enforces

yes Saudi Arabia is an Argentine public company. INVAPCompanyresearch reactor from 1energy(30kW)by introducing ‘18year 11under construction since.

The main contents of this project are the guidelines for licensing research reactors., Commissioning after construction and to develop regulatory procedures for each stage of operation and to strengthen the capacity of Saudi regulatory personnel. education and training and dispatch of manpower.

yes Especially, Import and export of nuclear fuel among business contents, carrying, shipping Regulatory procedures related to Developed by Korea Atomic Energy Control and Technology Institute(ledger Hwang Yong-soo, below ‘KINAC’)This will be done jointly.

This contract is a memorandum of understanding for cooperation between the NSSC and the Saudi regulatory body.(‘16.11. conclusion) and KINS-Cooperation agreement between Saudi regulators(’17.10. conclusion)In the future, cooperation on nuclear safety with Saudi Arabia will be closer.expected to be done.

department in charge

Nuclear Safety Committee

Department head


Jang Hyun-ah



International Cooperation Officer


chief officer

Lee Jun-goo


department in charge

Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety and Technology

Department head

general manager

Park Sang-ryeol


Management Planning Division

department in charge

Korea Atomic Energy Control and Technology Institute

Department head

general manager

Youngwook Lee


Nuclear Security Headquarters

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