Sausages with ‘fish hooks’ on the park promenade… “Terror for Dogs”


Sausages are threaded into the fishing hook. Someone hid this in the grass in the park. Otherwise, it can be fatal to your pet. Fortunately, residents found it and there was no major damage, but the police are trying to find out who was responsible.

Correspondent Jo Hae-eon.


It is a park in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon.

It is a popular place for locals to walk their dogs.

However, last weekend, a post and a photo were posted on social media saying, ‘Please be careful while walking’.

Someone had brought a snack with a fishing hook between the leaves.

A string is tied to the street lights of the promenade,

Five hooks with sausages hung here.

[A씨/목격자 : 줄을 당겨 보니까 (소시지가) 주렁주렁 달려 나오더라고요. 처음에는 낙엽이 이렇게 덮어져 있었어요.]

The first villager to find broke the thread that attached the fishing line.

[A씨/목격자 : 자세히 보면 (소시지에) 강아지들 이빨 자국도 있어요.]

If a dog swallowed it, it could lead to a serious accident.

[정우상/인근 주민 : 테러랑 비슷하다고 생각하거든요. 강아지 키우는 견주 입장에서 화가 나고, 무섭기도 하고.]

[주윤희/인근 주민 : 심장이 솔직히 벌렁벌렁했어요. 상상도 할 수 없죠. 그걸 먹게 된다면…]

A park official said that there were complaints about taking dogs for a walk in the park.

[공원 관계자 : 목줄 안 한다든지 태도가 안 좋은 견주가 있잖아요. (그런 것에) 감정 있는 사람들이 있더라고.]

Police are analyzing CCTV to determine who left the hook.



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