Savage loan capitalist Debt collection Nosedive, dragged off the field, ball-gun hit the face

A brutal loan capitalist invades a PR girl who hits her face and head with a gun Force prostrate one’s feet Before kicking his face up In the artificial grass football field, Khon Kaen Province, the victim was shocked.

In the case of social media, CCTV footage installed inside a football stadium in Khon Kaen Province, where a man attacked, entered an artificial grass football field with another woman. Before going to pull me a PR girl who is working on the edge of the field And dragged out to the parking area

A brutal loan capitalist invades a PR girl who hits her face and head with a gun Force prostrate one’s feet

The man then picked up a carbine. Later known that it was a BB gun, it hit the face and head of the PR woman all the way out. In the eyes of the public who exercise at the artificial grass football field Before the man dragged a PR girl to sit in the parking area and forced to bow down. Along with a physical attack Slapped his face and head several times with a gun. Before putting the gun in the bag and then slapping and kicking the head until the PR girl turned back Cry out and raise your hands to pay homage to life But the man did not seem to stop hurting.

As for the women who came together, they didn’t go in and stop it. Almost 5 minutes passed. The man was wearing a blue sports uniform. Later known as a police officer investigating Khon Kaen Police Station with friends to help Before informing the patrolmen to detain the man, go to the Khon Kaen Police Station for investigation. Which such an event occurred at approximately 2.30pm on the 12th of December the past

CCTV footage inside the artificial grass football field

CCTV footage inside the artificial grass football field

Latest at 9:00 AM on December 14, 2020, Ms.A (fictional name), 19 years old, a young woman who was assaulted from the incident revealed that she had taken an informal loan of 130,000 baht, which was borrowed from the master. silk The man in the clip Before the incident, they were talked about now that there is no money to pay. And is working to raise money to pay off debt They insist they will pay for it and do not think of escaping or blocking communication. Which can be contacted at any time Along with disclosing personal information to Mr. Prae In order to make sure that you do not want to escape

On the day of the accident, Mr. Prae went to see my mother at home. Before traveling to the artificial grass football field Upon arriving, Nai Prae pulled his arm up and pulled his head out on the closed circuit. Which, while dragging it for a while, took out the gun At that time, I didn’t know if it was a real gun or a fake gun. Point it to me and say “Should I shoot you dead? Today I didn’t bring the money. I took your life“When Mr. Prae finished his sentence Then took the hilt of a gun and hit the mouse’s face and head hard many times Before dragging to the parking lot in front of the football field entrance, and forced him to worship his feet, saying “You respect my feet“Along with slapping the gun handle on the face, stepping repeatedly and kicking the head until I turn back And continued to hurt over and over again In which people who saw the incident, no one came to help because they were afraid that it was a real gun that might have been crossed. Before the police who kicked football came to help, “said Ms A.

The victim said that after the police stopped and helped. Mr. Prae told the police that he was owed to the woman who came with Mr. Pae. But in truth, he had never seen a face and had never known the woman before. And did not pay the money he claimed to the police But sticking to Mr. Prae’s money alone Previously, he had borrowed money from Mr. Prae several times before and could turn the money back all the time. But he played share and then share fell The share children who play with it and are in debt will not pay, causing no money to return to Mr. Prae

Ms. A said in the past that he had always told Mr. Prae what happened. And never avoiding or losing communication And when he started to have a job, started a new one He told Mr. Phae that he worked there and waited before he got the money, he would immediately return the money by the beginning of December, giving him 5,000 baht and at the end of the month he would pay another 10,000 baht. Pay off debt a month 15,000-20,000 baht, but Mr. Prae had assaulted his body first. And making it now unable to return to work because of injury, injury, and trauma

The victim was injured along the face and head.

The victim was injured along the face and head.

“After the incident, I went to give evidence and report the prosecution to Mr. Prae. By insisting on to the end Because it is a different story from what I owe As for the debt attached to Mr. Pae Confirmed that he would find it back and have always seen that he did not escape or could not be contacted Both address and office, Mr. Prae will know all But the part where I got hurt is another story. And now I care about my family, especially my mother. Fear that Mr. Prae will hurt the family like he did himself. In addition, Mr. Prae threatened that he knew many people as an influencer, “said MsA.

The victim said that after the incident, police detained Mr. Prae for prosecution. Causing others to fear or panic by threatening a fine of 1,000 baht and then being released As for the charges of physical assault The police said they had to wait about a month for the results from the doctor before they could report the charges. Until then, he was afraid that Mr. Prae would hurt his family or himself again. I want the media to help as a mouthpiece for fear that the case will be silent. Now I have to live paranoid and not run away. As for the symptoms that are now traumatized and swollen all over Especially in the left hemisphere, 2 points of the head, the face is swollen, bruised after bruising, difficult daily use


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