‘Save me! ‘Holmes’ Kang Su-jeong “About 4.5 million won for a one-room apartment in Hong Kong Island”

MBC ‘Save me! In ‘Holmes’ (Director: Lee Min-hee, Jeon Jae-wook / hereinafter ‘Holmes’), broadcaster Kang Su-jeong, a publicist, goes looking for a property.

On this day’s broadcast, a family of three who dream of becoming a Fire family appears as a client. The client couple, who have been living fiercely in their 20s and 30s, are said to dream of a so-called Fire family that enjoys a relaxed and secluded life away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul. It is said that he did not decide to retire immediately, but decided to move to a separate house in the suburbs to dream about life in the future. The area wanted a remodeled or new construction house in the eastern part of Gyeonggi Province, close to Gangdong-gu, Seoul, where the woman’s parents’ house is. I hoped that the elementary school would be within walking distance or 10 minutes by car for the children’s education, and I hoped that the window next door and the living room would not face each other for privacy. The budget can be up to 1 billion won, he said.

Broadcaster Kang Su-jeong will skate for Team Bok. When Kang Su-jeong appeared, Kim Sook joked, “I’ve been broadcasting since there was no Sogang Bridge,” and praised her unchanging beauty.

Jang Dong-min draws attention by revealing his long-term relationship with Kang Su-jeong. He admits, “I was the MC of ‘TV Audition Challenge 60 Seconds’ about 20 years ago, and I remember appearing as Ongdalsem at the time.” Then, Jang Dong-min surprised everyone by admitting, “I had a crush on Kang Su-jeong in the past.”

Kang Su-jeong, who currently lives in Hong Kong, said, “I also go to Hong Kong to find a house. I learned the information by looking around different houses.” She said, “As a parent of a sophomore in elementary school, I look at the house with a mother’s heart.” reveal

Then, Kang Su-jeong said, “Retailers in Hong Kong show properties that are above the budget. After looking at the house, it is not easy to find the property that matches take the budget.” Also, about the Hong Kong property price, it is said that “a one-room apartment with a size of 10 to 12 pyeong on Hong Kong Island is about 4.5 million won per month.”

Kang Su-jeong, who appeared as the Bok team coordinator, and Jang Dong-min present a newly built detached house in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do. Kang Su-jeong looked around the house and couldn’t take her eyes off the large and comfortable kitchen. Looking at the wide and deep sink, she said, “I’m so jealous. In Hong Kong, the sink and the faucet are so small and low that it’s inconvenient to wash dishes.”

The search for a home is for a home of three people who dream of becoming a Fire family on the 14th at 10:35pm MBC ‘Save me! Holmes will be revealed.

Jungmin Yoo / photo courtesy of MBC

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