‘Save me! Holmes’ strong ‘church ticket’ Heo Ung “He’s different from Dad Heo Jae!”

Heo Woong made history following his father, Heo Jae.

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MBC entertainment program ‘Save me! In ‘Holmes’, a family of five who are preparing a house for the first time in 20 years appeared as a client.

On this day, Ha Do-kwon appeared as an intern coordinator in the Bok team. He made the duck team nervous by saying, “The partner coordination was bad, the duck team was bad,” as the cause of the ‘3 games 3 losses’.

In Team Deok, Jeong Jin-woon and Heo Woong appeared as intern coordinators. “Following the father, came the son,” welcomed the panel Heo Woong.

Heo Jae coolly analyzed, saying, “My father doesn’t know about the house.” Yang Se-hyung said, “Heo Jae had a pickup company, but he didn’t know the word ‘sash’.” Yang Se-chan said, “On the other hand, Heo Woong recognized him as ‘our company’.”

Jeong Jin-woon showed confidence by saying that he is a “spoon businessman”. Team Deok was confident of winning when Jeong Jin-woon said that he knows the term well because his parents do interior design.

On this day’s broadcast, Ha Do-kwon and Jo Hee-seon appeared as intern coordinators on the Bok team, and Jeong Jin-woon and Heo Woong on the Duck team. In addition, Kim Sook, Park Na-rae, Yang Se-hyeong, Yang Se-chan, Jang Dong-min, and Park Young-jin appeared as panels.

MBC’s ‘Save Me Holmes’, a unique entertainment program that will include a wide range of fun, practicality and a new approach to housing, is broadcast every Sunday at 10:45pm.

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