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“Save the Earth from an asteroid impact” Real version ‘Armageddon’ experiment

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In the United States, the first experimental spacecraft to protect the Earth from collision with an asteroid was launched yesterday (24th). The spacecraft is scheduled to test directly hitting an asteroid in September next year, but it is said that there will be no impact on Earth.

This is reporter Jeong Hye-kyung.


The Hollywood movie ‘Armageddon’ depicts a crisis situation in which a huge asteroid flies toward the Earth.

As in this movie, the first experimental spacecraft ever launched to protect Earth from an asteroid impact.

The spacecraft launched by NASA from Vandenberg, California at 3:21 pm our time, is named Dart.

The initials were taken from the “Twin Asteroid Orbital Correction Test”.

The 620 kg spaceship Dart will sail through space for the next ten months, then in September next year it will collide with an asteroid the size of a soccer field with a diameter of 160 m, ‘Dimorphos’ at 6.6 km/s, changing its orbit.

The dart will collide with Dimorphos, orbiting another asteroid, Didymos, with a diameter of 780 m.

Because the two asteroids and Earth are at least 10.9 million kilometers apart, NASA said the test would not pose a threat to Earth.

[낸시 차봇/’다트’ 프로젝트 리더 : 이 소행성들은 가까운 미래에도 지구로 가는 경로에 놓여 있지 않습니다. 첫 실험을 위한 좋은 환경이라고 할 수 있습니다.]

Costing 392.2 billion won, this experiment is expected to mark an important milestone in the history of space development, which has been the center of exploration of the solar system and the pursuit of extraterrestrial life, in that it aims to save mankind from the danger of potential extinction.


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