Saved a premature baby weighing less than 500g… Medical staff’s zip-up bag

A premature baby born in the United States at the age of 22 weeks was saved by keeping her body temperature in a ziplock bag.

According to British media Mirror, etc. on the 28th (local time), medical staff in Louisville, North Carolina, southern United States, put the baby in a ziplock bag and recovered safely to maintain the body temperature of the premature baby Eris. At the time, it was confirmed that her mother, Casey Lee, 37, was under general anesthesia.

Casey previously said that she had a stillborn child before she got pregnant with Eris, so she didn’t feel nervous throughout her pregnancy. He said that he had been given injections of progesterone for 16 weeks to ensure a safe birth, and that he tried to prevent premature birth by sealing the cervix. However, despite these efforts, Eris came out in 22 weeks and 5 days with a size of less than 500g.

Eris was rescued by medical staff, but it was reported that she was treated in the intensive care unit for 254 days after contracting pneumonia and sepsis due to a staphylococcal infection. Casey and her husband Dennis, 35, said, “Eris contracted pneumonia four times in the intensive care unit. He also expressed his deep affection for the child, saying, “I thought that Eris would not be able to survive, but she overcame it every time.”



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