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Before the iPhone and Android came out, when it comes to smartphones, BlackBerry deserves the title of overlord. It used to be the smartphone with the most users in the world, and even the former President of the United States Obama is also one of the favorites; but After the launch of the new generation of iPhone and Android models, BlackBerry’s use of keyboard operations has become obsolete and gradually loses its user base. Although BlackBerry has also launched a new version of the touch-oriented system, and later BlackBerry 10 added support for Android App, but it is still unable to recover. And now BlackBerry will usher in the final end of life. BlackBerry announced that on January 4, 2022, BlackBerry OS will stop supporting and the service will become unstable.

For BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 7.1 or earlier versions, support will be completely discontinued from January 4th, which means that making and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS text messages, and even emergency help lines will become unstable; even mobile data and Wi-Fi -Fi will become unreliable. The functions of apps and services such as BlackBerry Link, BlackBerry Desktop Manager, BlackBerry World, BlackBerry Protect, BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Blend will also be restricted.

As for the tablet BlackBerry PlayBook that also uses the BlackBerry Tablet OS, it will also enter the end of its life cycle on the same day, and its functions will be severely limited; but I believe that there are not many users of this tablet, because it was launched a year after it was launched in 2012. Stop producing. In any case, January 4 can be regarded as the official end of BlackBerry, and active users who are still in use will have to take advantage of these few days to transfer data to other systems.

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