SBNEXT aims to merge with partners to expand the business of Vending Machines, take out 266

SBNEXT aims to combine partners to expand the vending machine business by purchasing 266 million baht, preparing to acquire a 10% stake in SVT, hoping to use the SABUY ecosystem to drive the future of vending machines to leap forward.

Sabai Connect Tech Public Company Limited (SBNEXT) aims to integrate new partners. Investment of 266 million baht, preparing to buy another 70 million shares of “SVT” or 10% of the voting shares. At a price of no more than 3.80 baht per share, the side of the CEO, “Varanon Khongpatimakorn”, said that this investment goal is because he sees an opportunity to expand the Vending Machine business, thus adjusting the policy of investment short term. as a long-term investment increasing share Ready to move forward using the SABUY group ecosystem to stimulate the future to grow rapidly

Mr Waranon Kongpatimakorn, CEO of Sabai Connex Tech Public Company Limited or SBNEXT, revealed that the Board of Directors meeting approved the purchase of common shares of Sunvending Technology Public Company Limited or SVT in the amount of no more than 70 million shares at a par value of 1 baht per share or equivalent to 10% of the number of shares with voting rights less shares redeemed (if any) at an average share price of not more than 3.80 baht, totaling 266 million baht through the trading board of the Stock Exchange of Thailand ( SET).

However, from the fact that the company Get the opportunity to invest in ordinary shares of SVT, which is a distributor through a vending machine Under the trademark “SUVNENDING”, the company realizes that the business of SVT can extend the business of the company. Involved in the sale of drinks through vending machines, which is in the Connext business group, with a focus on providing convenient services. And meet the needs of people in the present age according to the strategic plan of Sabai Technology Public Company Limited SABUY Group, which is a major shareholder.

At the same time, the Company is of the opinion that it should change its method of investing in the short term in accordance with the investment policy and framework. as a long-term investment by buying ordinary shares of SVT by trading on the stock market Within 6 months of the approval date of the Board of Directors In the past, the company Acquired from a short-term investment in accordance with the investment policy and the limit investment of 29.85 million shares or 4.26% of the shares with voting rights.

“This investment Our goal is to expand our business and add various partnerships by investing and/or co-investing with other businesses. continuously Will, if allies can be combined in the future, see further expansion of the sales business under the ecosystem in the SABUY Group group which will help the sales business grow. domestic machine Still not many compared to our population That compares to developed countries like Japan, where there were more than 5.6 million vending machines, or about one vending machine per 23 people, in 2000, according to Japan Vending System Manufacturers Association, more than 4 million cabinets, you will see that there are still many growth opportunities So, if we can combine partners to take advantage of the ecosystem power that SABUY Group has, we believe that it can expand the this business go far. And very interesting too.” Mr Waranon said at last