SBPAC is teaming up with Chef Chumpol to develop a new generation of chefs and push Soft Power, food from the southern border to a world class level.

Building on the success of APEC 2022, “SBPAC joins Chef Chumpol” to push raw materials and food from the southern border. to be known domestically and internationally Ready to shape a new generation of chefs to be Halal chefs at the White Elephant level. and promoting sales through online platforms

On November 26, 2022, Ms. Ratchada Thanadirek, Deputy Spokesperson of the Prime Minister’s Office As the government’s special representative to solve problems in the southern border states, he revealed that Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha is pleased to know about the upcoming cooperation between the States Administrative Center South Borders (Sor Sor. SBPAC) with Chef Chumpol Jangprai in creating jobs and creating careers for the people in the southern border states. in order to earn income and have a good quality of life especially the development based on the potential needs and identity of the area – the people of the area

According to Chef Chumpol Created a menu using excellent local ingredients as an ingredient of food served to the leaders of the 21 economic zones in the past APEC 2022, making “Kulao fish” and “Betong chicken” more well known. People wanted to try it and ordered from many local shops. Another example of the success of promoting local Soft Power.

For the cooperation that will take place in the beginning, “Mr Chantan Saengpoom” Deputy Secretary General of SBPAC met to discuss. and has set short term and long term guidelines What can be pushed is

1) Promote the sale of halal products and products produced in the southern border states of various groups of people through online platforms. and direct trading with Thailand Post Co., Ltd. involved in delivering goods to the buyer.

2) Develop the potential of people between the ages of 18-40 to become a “White Elephant Halal Chef” with potential according to the principle Halal Food Kitchen in the Southern Border States To the world’s halal food kitchen, which now offers to hire Thai halal food chefs to work in Malaysia. and Saudi Arabia Chef Chumpol will develop a cooking class of about 100 menus that are of interest and have a large number of customers who want to eat. It takes around 6 months to train and is expected to develop 1,600 trained halal chefs by 2023.

3) Search for raw materials that is a unique identity to develop into a food menu Creating the value of food raw materials in the southern border states to be known to the public domestically and internationally.

For the next step, SBPAC and Chef Chumphon together with related government agencies push the prototype of food factory and frozen factory with international food standards and Halal standards Including the development of Kios, various products and food to be sold in the muslim world. working this part It will bring the potential of Thai students who travel to study in the Muslim world such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan and other countries. In order to follow the strategy of the halal food city in the southern border states

“All the above actions SBPAC will prepare a detailed action plan. and presented it to the Prime Minister Again on December 7, 2022, when the work of the Southern Border States Development Strategy Committee for the year 2022 was announced in Government House,” said Ms Ratchada.

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