[SC이슈] Class 11 Hyeon-sook·Young-ho → Ye-young Cho·Jeong-min Han… “From deleting SNS photos” dating entertainment couples, twists and breakup history twist

[스포츠조선 고재완 기자] Those who gained explosive interest from the public by being matched in dating entertainment for the general public announce the news that they have broken up one after another, making fans sad.

Recently, through the 11th special visual feature of ENA X SBS PLUS ‘I’m SOLO’ (hereafter I’m Solo), rumors appeared about a breakup between Hyunsuk and Youngho, who developed into lovers.

Young-ho deleted all the ‘mutt couple’ hashtags on his personal account, and also deleted all the photos from his Christmas date with Hyun-sook last Christmas. He decided to ‘unfollow’ Hyeon-sook. Likewise, Hyeon-sook also unfollowed Young-ho, and there is no trace of Young-ho in his actively uploaded feed.

They gained popularity as the only couple among the 11th generation. Many people praised the dentist Yeong-ho and the lovely couple Hyun-suk who work in a sports brand.

Recently, Youngho hosted ‘Nothing’ (Ask Anything) on ​​his personal account and when asked “Which celebrity is most like Hyunsook?” In response to the question, “Where did you like (Hyeon-sook’s)?”, she said, “Laughing was very attractive. The conversation went well, and I felt comfortable when we were together.” In addition, Hyeon-suk’s attractive points were “charming laugh, cool personality, and assurance not to worry others”. Previously, Hyunsuk also expressed his liking for Yeongho, saying, “The strength is that he’s a very cheerful, smart, and friendly person. He’s cute, but he’s positive, and he’s a confident person who can do anything, so I can learn a lot from him.”

Although they were final as a couple, they broke up for a while and then developed back into lovers in November, making fans even more sad.

’19-year-old couple’ Jo Ye-young and Han Jung-min are also showing clear signs of breaking up. Recently, Jo Ye-young and Han Jeong-min amplified the breakup rumors by deleting all the couple photos published on each other’s social media. Jo Ye-young said, “Eat healthy, take good care of your health, and shed the tears you suffered at my mother’s words. My mother is also crying. My heart hurts even more. My a father also worried that his daughter is already an adult. I cried again.” he suggested. Han Jeong-min raised curiosity by posting, “I’m not shaken or hurt no matter what I say. I’m a little stronger than I thought.”

They drew attention as a ’19-year-old couple’ by showing bold affections, and even announced plans to remarry, which surprised netizens.

Fans posted on Cho Ye-young’s SNS, “What’s going on?” “Did you break up?” and so on, but Cho Ye-young remains silent. Cho Ye-young, who has been responding wholeheartedly to fans’ comments, has piqued my curiosity even more.

They often conveyed the current situation through ‘Labang (live broadcast)’ and revealed their love. However, the sudden deletion of the photo makes fans sad. The follower hasn’t been cut off yet, so I leave room.

Although they did not become a couple through broadcasting, a spin-off program was produced and the couple Choi Dong-hwan and Lee So-ra, who drew attention, continue their relationship.

They appeared on ‘It’s Okay, I Love You’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Dolsing Abduction 2’) and showed a sweet appearance, but even before the broadcast ended, Lee So’s dating allegations made – what a mess.

When it was revealed that Lee So-ra’s divorce was the result of infidelity, there was public criticism, and Lee So-ra posted an apology twice. The production team pushed through to the final broadcast of ‘Dolsing Abduction 2’, after which Lee So-ra and Choi Dong-hwan stopped their outside activities.

Among them, Choi Dong-hwan cautiously resumed his suspended SNS activities. Recently, he also revealed a meeting with the male members of ‘Doll Singles 3’. Of course, Lee So-ra’s personal account is still in a state of silence. Since the November apology is the last post, questions are mounting as to whether their relationship is still on. Lee So-ra still leaves room for herself by posting her own photo taken by Choi Dong-hwan on her profile.

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