[SC이슈]’Extraordinary Taxi 2′, a documentary genre? Llosgi ir Haul → Black Sun, idol agency YMS, and idol name ‘Victory’ reminiscent of ‘Victory’

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[스포츠조선 이정혁 기자]Burning the Sun → Black Sun, the reported police are not on time, and there are scenes of attack. YMS is the agency of the idol stars who enter the Black Sun Club, and the idol’s name is Victor, which is reminiscent of Victory. The episode on the 1st seems to involve a drug case. It’s to the point where the saying ‘feel right before the documentary’ comes out.

Photo source = SBS

Lee Je-hoon’s Fri-Sat SBS drama ‘Exemplary Taxi 2’ confronted the reality of crimes taking place at ‘Club Black Sun’.

Photo source = SBS

The reaction of the netizens who saw this was explosive. Some parts have changed from the actual situation bit by bit, but there is a corner that reminds me of what happened at Burning Sun in 2018 when the actual ‘mulpong’ was used as a means of committing sex crimes.

Viewers responded to this by saying, “Actually, I ask for revenge and a thrilling ending”, “There were a lot of things that were unclear about the event at the time, but I hope that the rainbow silver water will blow it away coldly. .”

Fueled by this energy, interest is gathering whether ‘Extraordinary Taxi 2’ will exceed 20% in this broadcast. ]

‘Exemplary Taxi 2’, broadcast on the 31st, recorded the highest audience rating of 19.2%, 15.5% in the metropolitan area, and 14.5% nationwide, taking first place in the same time zone. It continued to run at the box office, winning first prize in every program broadcast on every channel for a week. 2049’s audience rating also recorded 6.2%, proving its popularity by taking first place among all programs aired on Friday. According to Nielsen Korea)

Meanwhile, in the 11th episode of ‘Exemplary Taxi 2’, which aired on the 31st of last month, Kim Do-ki (Lee Je-hoon) barely survived the exemplary taxi bombing accident arranged by On Ha- joon ( Shin Jae-ha ), and launched a full counter-attack against On Ha-joon, who turned out to be a spy, and was impressively painted.

In the last scene of last week’s broadcast, there was a scene where the car Dogi was riding in was blown up, but this was Dogi’s tip to identify the enemy.

Dogi, who managed to escape right before the explosion, held a fake funeral to find the culprit, and realized he was a spy when On Ha-jun suddenly resigned.

In order to track down Ar Ha-jun, who suddenly disappeared without leaving any information, the model taxi team infiltrated Black Sun, who had a clue.

In the process, Do-gi’s witnesses mercilessly attack a reporter (played by Baek Soo-jang), and manage to infiltrate.

In order to break through the strict security, he suddenly approached the idol Victor (Go Geon-han), who entered the VIP room, and pretended to be a friend. With Go Eun’s help, Do-gi tricks Victor into using a photo of him as a trainee and composed with Do-gi’s face. Then, Doggy sat with Victor and lived proudly in the VIP room, giving a thrilling laugh.

When the drinking party is in full swing, Do-gi escapes the room and searches around the VIP area, seeing minors roaming around Black Sun. However, the outcome of reporting to the police was unexpected. The head of the guard (Lee Dal-min) attacked Doggie for being a reporter, but the shock was doubled when he was arrested by the police.

Afterwards, at the end of turns, Dogi summons another bukae and transforms into a fist with a hot speck (?) that has just been released from prison.

Rumor has it that Do-gi, who caught the attention of the club’s executives under the guise of coincidence, gained the trust of VIP guests and quickly emerged as a god in the guarding world. As a result, expectations are skyrocketing for the performance of ‘Guard Dogi’, who will be reborn as a ‘talent adapted to Blacksun’ and look into the ugly crimes that are hidden at the back of the club’s stage. Reporter Jeonghyeok Lee


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