SC Asset joins Tata Steel (Thailand), the Thai steel bar, which controls the construction of houses. Meet SCero Mission goals

Saturday, 03 December 2022

SC Asset takes the lead in managing the house building process seriously. from upstream to downstream Under the SCero Mission’s important goal to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) by 20% by 2025 by joining hands with leading companies in the steel industry, Tata Steel (Thailand), partner business, develops the concept of a Low Carbon Community in conjunction with a commitment and attention to the sustainable construction industry

SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited or SC, a growing organization with environmental awareness. which is determined to become the leader of the separate housing brand number 1 by Mr. Papandej Pacharachanan, Chief Project Support Executive, SC Asset Corporation Plc Yanuwat, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Tata Steel (Thailand) Public Company Limited, the number 1 leader in steel bar production in Thailand. Join in promoting sustainability and taking care of the environment according to the concept of a Low Carbon Community by focusing on the management of steel bars, which are important materials in the house building process. Which will start in 3 luxury projects, namely Grand Bangkok Boulevard East Rama 9, The Gentri Pattanakarn 2 and The Gentri Cultivar Rama 9.

Mr said. Papandech, “This is a new dimension. from the construction industry in Thailand, where SC Asset has collaborated with Tata Steel to adapt the process for services that accompany the construction of single housing projects. according to the service concept of cutting and bending steel bars according to the list of steel from the factory also known as Steel bar forming Service (Cut and Bend), which is often very popular in large construction projects.

This concept is managed from the start of the house building process. This will help to reduce waste materials on the construction site. which is an important factor in reducing the impact on the environment Including increasing the ease of management. make construction more efficient

The construction material chosen is “TATA TISCON” from Tata Steel (Thailand), the number 1 rebar brand, which is produced in Thailand and has an environmentally conscious production process.

Mr said. Chaichalerm, “Tata Steel is always aware of the environment. Therefore, it has focused on developing products and services to meet customers’ environmental needs, such as steel bar forming services (Cut and Bend), which help to reduce the scrap steel left behind at the job site. In addition, every step of the steel production process is a Green Process using Electric Arc Furnace (EF) smelting technology, which is considered the best steel recycling technology available today.

In terms of energy consumption and less fuel. Low CO2 emissions, as well as improving the production process to use natural resources are always worth it, such as using circulating water. Planting renewable trees, renewable energy, etc. In addition, the melting process with EF technology is a technology that can precisely control quality. Thus ensuring that the quality of Tata Tiscon products is consistent throughout the line and meets the same standards in each production cycle. Therefore, all structural work is safe and strong.”

The success of the collaboration between SC Asset and Tata Steel (Thailand) based on the concept of a Low Carbon Community can be summarized as follows:

1. Promote the quality of work more systematically Due to cutting and bending steel to meet the building standards from the factory, which has very good production control doing work faster and more efficiently

2. Can reduce the number of rebar orders used in the project by more than 15%.

3. Help to reduce waste materials at the construction site. It will reduce the process steps that require the removal of waste materials.

4. Reduce the use of fuel from transport Because the amount of steel provided has decreased. It also reduces the issue of transporting scrap metal away. On average, more than 19 liters of fuel can be saved per 1 house construction.

5. Reducing the process of cutting and bending steel and reducing construction hours by more than 120 hours per house, which helps to reduce environmental pollution such as dust, pollution and noise, etc.

Mr. Papandech concluded “Like SC Asset it is an organization that grows together with environmental awareness. Therefore, we have a management plan that covers the SCero Mission goals from upstream to downstream. Including plans to jointly implement the guidelines with Tata Steel to develop more than 20 housing projects worth over 10,000 million baht by 2023 to help reduce the environmental impact. It also helps to sustainably reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

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