SC Asset-Sansiri is addicted to the ideal company that the new generation wants to work with in 2013.

every year the way Venture Work job search website Conducts a survey to find the ideal company that the new generation most wants to work with. For this year, from an online survey of people aged 20-35 in Bangkok. 10,000 people graduated with a bachelor’s degree and found a new generation, pouring points for Google Thailand to be number 1, winning the championship for 3 years in a row! As for Line, SCG, PTT, Apple rank 2-5 respectively.

This survey received resonance. from the new generation towards the employer organization in two dimensions, viz Employment Experience Or the experience of joining an organization, the more the candidate or talent group the organization needs, the more the factors to participate in the event will include

1. The identity of the employerIn perception of the labor market and how people work.

2. Participation processmore than an interview or signing an employment contract Which must create a good experience of approaching, first meeting, recommending, inviting, attracting, persuading

3. Careuntil the period of adaptation, progress and growth with the organization The more meaningful it is for Talent.

Another dimension is Employer Brand Exposure or the ability of the employer brand to approach, reach and understand the target talent pool. through a strategic communication process through analysis, design, and development of creative content

matches the interest of the talent and presents it to them through measurable success channels. Parallel to the perception within the organization back Worker’s Journey and outside the organization accordingly The Candidate’s Journey to capture memories and build brand associations

This year, two of the 50 ideal companies that are real estate companies are: “SC Asset” and “Sansiri” SC Asset was ranked 17th and Sansiri was ranked 28th. From the previous year, ranked 23rd.

SC Asset-Sansiri is addicted to the ideal company that the new generation wants to work with in 2013.

This year, the SC Asset brand has moved up a leap from the previous year, ranking 42nd out of 50 companies that promote a corporate culture called SCskydive which represents the power of cooperation which includes 4 Core Values ​​in business operations: Care, taking care of customers, knowing the hearts of customers, Courage, dare to think, dare to do to introduce new things, Collaboration. Collaborate in different departments, different companies, strive towards common goals and Continuous Improvement, learn new things and develop continuously.

by bringing the application SCinOne‘To be a tool for HR to access and take care of all employees to have a good work experience through self-service services that are convenient, fast and modern in the form of a mobile app in response to the lifestyle of the new generation, namely Gen Y. with 70% of the entire workforce

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