SCANDAL OF SCANDALS!” Reconciliation of the year – Milan Milošević shared the video and removed doubts, everything is AS BEFORE – news

Host and journalist Milan Milošević left Pink television and “Zadruga”, and is currently on a break from work.

His appearance will, without a doubt, be remembered in the reality show, and outside of it, and one scene is still being retold on social networks, where fans and followers imitate him. Among them is Kristina Kija Kockar, who surprised everyone with her move.

It was rumored that Kija and Milan were at odds, but now they seem to have reconciled. Kija shared a video of her imitating Milan, which he also posted on his profile. What I am about to announce, believe me, you have never heard before. My palms are wet. I will announce a scandal of scandals – said Kija in the video, and the scene made Milosevic himself laugh. Let’s remember that they were once very close friends, so they drifted apart, and it was rumored that they even had a fight.

This video dispelled any doubts that they were still at loggerheads.

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