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Scattered corpses on the terrace of the house at the sound; ‘Wife fainted’

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New Delhi: Many heartbreaking scenes are coming out every day from Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. The woman, who went to the roof of the house after hearing a noise in Kabul, reportedly fell unconscious when she saw the bodies scattered.

On Monday, while sitting inside his house in Kabul, he heard a loud noise coming from the Valley Salekh terrace. Wally, 49, said it sounded like a truck’s tire exploding. When he ran to the top of the house, he saw a shocking sight. Two bodies scattered. According to the report, Wally said that his wife fainted after seeing this.

Immediately bring the cloth and cover. The relatives were then called and the bodies were taken to a nearby church. Wally said he recognized from the birth certificate he had in his pocket that one of them was Dr. Safiullah Hotak. The second was Fida Muhammad, 30. Wally told a relative in Delhi over the phone.

Wally was caught red-handed after a neighbor told him he had seen footage of two people falling from a plane on TV. The Taliban captured Kabul and killed two people who were clinging to the tires of a U.S. plane that was about to leave the country. Wally’s house is four kilometers from the airport. Part of the terrace collapsed in the fall.


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