“SCBGPA” IPO Fund Sale 17 – 21 Jan.

“SCBGPA” IPO Fund Sale 17 – 21 Jan.

Date 17 Jan 2022 time 20:33

SCB Asset Management Access Private Assets Worldwide Launches “SCBGPA” IPO Fund 17 – 21 Jan.

Mrs. Nanmanat Piamthipmanus Chief Investment Officer SCB Asset Management Company Limited revealed that investing in private assets is one of the interesting investments because it increases the opportunity to generate long-term returns. therefore opened for sale SCB Global Private Assets Open-ended Fund Not for Retail Investors (SCB Global Private Assets Not for Retail Investors : SCBGPA), a complex fund, project value of 3,000 million baht, initially offered between 17-21 Jan. This 2022, with a minimum initial investment of 500,000 baht, you can buy, sell, and switch investment units every 20th of the month (if it falls on a holiday of the fund, it will be postponed to the previous business day) at Thai Asset Management. commerce and all Siam Commercial Bank branches

Private Assets is an investment in off-market assets. It can be divided into Private Equity, Private Credit and Private Real Assets. Private Equity is an investment in stocks that are not listed on the stock exchange or called Private Company. Private Equity has a purpose such as raising funds since inception (Venture Capital ), Raise funds to expand in companies that are in a growth capital (Growth Capital) or in a company with stable cash flow (Buyout) with volatility and correlation. (Correlation) is low compared to world stocks. Thus helping to create a diversification of the total investment portfolio. Moreover, investing in Private Equity has a long-term win-win return on the world stock market.

“In 2021, the global private assets investment market has recovered well in both primary and secondary markets. with flexible investment style that can be adjusted according to market conditions therefore can help increase Risk-Adjusted Return in the long term In addition, investing in Private Equity has the opportunity to generate higher long-term returns compared to Public Equity. This increases the chances of generating long-term returns and reduces volatility in the investment portfolio. In addition, the fund has a global investment network management team, Hamilton Lane, to manage the fund with a Deal Flow Strategy and an investment process that brings technology and data to help analyze and Expert investment tracking This makes this SCBGPA more attractive,” said Ms. Nanmanus.

The SCBGPA fund focuses on investing in only one foreign mutual fund namely Hamilton Lane Global Private Assets (master fund) denominated in US dollars (USD), share class, I-USD, US dollars (USD). The master fund is managed by Hamilton Lane Advisors, LLC, registered under the laws of Luxembourg. and is under UCITS, with a diversified investment strategy in various types of Private Assets, both Direct Credit and Secondaries Direct Equity, as well as investing in Global Private Assets with diversification in many countries. balanced Its focus is on North America at approximately 60%. The fund also has redemption liquidity and can be traded on a monthly basis. This is an important highlight of this particular fund. The fund may invest in futures contracts. (Derivatives) to hedge against foreign exchange risk (Hedging) as appropriate for the current situation. which is at the discretion of the investment manager

for the redemption of investment units The master fund may consider limiting the redemption of investment units. If the redemption value of all investment units in each quarter is greater than 5% of the fund’s net asset value at the end of the previous quarter which will consider accepting the redemption order of investment units in proportion Any unallocated redemption orders will be combined with the next quarter’s redemption orders. will be in accordance with the requirements And the investor has the right to cancel the redemption order in the part that cannot be redeemed before the next trading date. The postponed orders will not receive interest.

As for the master fund, it will invest in Private Assets around the world, both Private Equity and Private Credit. It is a proactive management that can adjust investment strategies according to market conditions. and will not invest in businesses that are contrary to the environment, society and good governance (ESG consideration) by providing full investment portfolios and without capital calls, which will diversify investments in Private Assets, focusing on investments in developed market shares Examples include – an operating system designed to streamline processes and create a transparent environment in businesses, AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc. – a leading global provider of end-to-end supply chains, and Medallia. – Customer Experience information service platform, etc. The master fund’s 1-year performance was 22.31% and since its establishment at 51.29% (Source: Hamilton Lane Global Private Assets Fund as of November 30, 2021).




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