Scholz defends decision to visit China after returning home: China’s statement against the use of nuclear weapons proves worthwhile | Blog Post

German Chancellor Scholz arrived in Beijing on November 4 for a one-day “lightning visit”. Scholz’s visit has set three “firsts”: it is his first official visit to China after taking office; he is the first Western leader to visit China after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China; this is also the first visit to China since the start of the epidemic three years ago according to the leaders of the G7 and EU countries.

Photo AP

Photo AP

However, Scholz himself has also faced various pressures from Germany, the European Union, and even the United States. Scholz’s trip to Beijing has also been questioned by domestic public opinion, with some critics saying that Scholz has continued to overexpose the German economy to China, its most important trading partner.

In this regard, Scholz said on November 5 that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s opposition to the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine during the meeting was enough to prove that his trip was worthwhile.

“Because China and I were able to declare that nuclear weapons should not be used in this (Russian-Ukrainian) conflict, that alone makes the whole itinerary (Visit China) worthwhile.”

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