School of Rock Kevin Clark died in a late-night bicycle accident

Kevin Clark (32, photo right), who played drummer Freddie Jones in the Hollywood comedy’School Of Rock’ (2003), died in a car accident.

Chicago police said that Clark, a music player from a child actor, was hit by a vehicle while riding a bicycle near his home in Avondale, Chicago at 1:20 am on the 26th.

Police said the red light was on at the crosswalk when Clark crossed the street.

Clark was reported and moved to a nearby hospital by emergency responders, but was found dead at 2:4 am.

The 20-year-old female driver was safe and was given a traffic ticket and was taken home, the Chicago Sun Times said.

Entourages assumed that Clarke had been in an accident on the way home from a friend’s house.

‘School of Rock’ is a comedy film about the process of secretly forming a student rock band and participating in competitions after a guitarist Dewey Finn (Jack Black), who was expelled from a rock band, cheated on her status and got a job as a school substitute teacher. At the time, thanks to the popularity and novel story of the protagonist Black, he made a box office profit of 131.3 million dollars (about 150 billion won).

In 2018, the 15th anniversary of the movie’s North American release, Clark met with casts such as Black to inform the latest news.

Meanwhile, Black posted a picture taken together on Instagram after the news of Clark’s death was delivered and expressed condolences, saying, “This is shocking news. Kevin (Clark) passed away. We went too fast.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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