Schools started after the holidays; Traffic jams are increasing in Kuwait

Kuwait City: There is a huge traffic jam in Kuwait after the school holidays. Five and a half lakh students in middle and high school sections from government schools and private schools came to school last day. There was heavy congestion on the roads as government offices and schools opened at the same time.

Most schools in the country experienced massive traffic jams in the surrounding areas. The home ministry had made detailed arrangements to control traffic congestion, but queues remained on highways for hours.

In order to solve the growing traffic congestion in Kuwait, a number of proposals were considered, including the rescheduling of working hours in the government and public institutions. Meanwhile, the authorities informed that more preparations have been completed considering the rush of the next few days.

All the main roads will be monitored from the control room through cameras. In the event of an accident or road block, the information will be forwarded to the traffic patrol department, officials said.

Story highlights: Traffic block increases in Kuwait

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