scolding the light “Locust Chonlada” scolding anyone. Gibbon is spoiled, hungry for light. If you want to be famous, I will make merit and pour water for you.

Fans are shocked. Who made a young country singer? “Locust Chonlada” The item is up. Post cursing the fire. Posted on his personal Facebook, saying, “Hahaha, I’ll make merit and pour water for you, good mother!! Our Lady!!! Mae Boon gives away!! Mother Boonthum !! Ouch!!! There is a threat!! Do you want to be famous!! Oh, I’m afraid. I’m afraid that it’s news!! So hungry!!! Tomorrow, wait for big news, big news. Amen. SO-U coffee is a hundred times louder than this. Wait for the fishy news. E-gibbons-grumpy-tu-doesn’t wash. So bad!! Tai Lao, show off smart, show off, show off stupid-!!! #Believe that some people will come to read it and you might be shocked. Why does he say this? Fan’s favorite singer, Grasshopper Chonlada #Hornet, I can tell you that we don’t need to be good to everyone. If that person is ugly – with us We were stingy-wear. Coincidentally, my face is thick. The club who likes to curse, please come and curse him as you wish!! E HA RAK Can you hear it in time!!! If not in time!! Please replay it!! Ida!!!! I cut it!! Waste of time answering customers @SO-U coffee”

Among many fans who wondered what happened and told “Locust Chonlada” to calm down while some people laughed at her curse. As for what she posted, who does it mean? Wait to hear the person explain again.




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