scolding the Permanent Secretary of the Subdistrict Administrative Organization for refusing to oppose the reopening of classes Finally, a student infected with covid spreads to 30 households

Villagers objected not to open a child development center But the Permanent Secretary of the Subdistrict Administrative Organization did not listen. to follow the government policy Finally, many students are infected with covid. Lam has to detain more than 30 households. affecting the inability to make a living

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On 4 Dec. 64 reporters reported that at a child development center under the supervision of the local government organization Located within the temple area, Pathio District, Chumphon Province, villagers complained that A committee meeting of this child development center has been held. The committee has resolved that the course is not ready to start teaching during this period. Because in the village, there are parents, students and villagers who have not been vaccinated and some people have not completed 2 injections, but it appears that the school will open an announcement. Until becoming a milk tooth cluster, there are patients with covids. and high-risk people have to quarantine a lot causing a huge impact on occupation and well-being

Mrs. Wantana, 50, said: Problems arising from the Child Development Center School opened on November 1, 64, in the past, despite the previous meeting of the Committee for Development of this Child Center, which has a village headman. assistant village headman Experts, teachers, local administrators At the meeting of the Board of Directors, it was resolved that it was not advisable to start classes. The reason is that most parents, villagers and students have not been vaccinated. Some people still haven’t had 2 injections.

Mrs. Wantana continued that After the committee of the Child Development Center has a resolution that the school is not yet ready to open But it appears that the Permanent Secretary of the Sub-district Administrative Organization has ordered that teaching and learning will be resumed as usual. to comply with government policy Until now, there are 8 students aged 3-5 years old infected with coronavirus and 1 teacher from a total of 35 students, 3 teachers and 4 parents are infected. All students are from the children of villagers in Village No. 1 and The sixth group now has more than 30 households with parents and villagers in high-risk groups whose quarantine documents have been issued by the authorities.

And there are still villagers gradually infected with covids. Until now, the relevant agencies have not taken any measures. It’s clear that How to come down to stop this milk tooth cluster? until the villagers were frightened and greatly affected in their lives

Phra Chaturong Atulo said: The temple and the Child Development Center are in the same area. When young children, parents, villagers are infected with covids and there are many risk groups The abbot ordered not all monks to go out for alms. Because villagers have suffered, infected with covids, are being quarantined in large numbers, will create a risk. insecurity both monks and villagers As for food, there will be volunteer villagers to offer. which is not much of a problem

The village headman’s assistant, Village No. 1, said: Board of Child Development Centers which has himself and the village headman as a committee Previously, there was a meeting of the Board of Directors. Most of them still disagree about the opening of the school. because the parents are not yet ready students and villagers Many people have not been vaccinated. The committee therefore resolved that it was not appropriate to start classes. But after that, there was an order to open the school. Claims to be government policy. Teachers have to come and teach if they don’t want to lose their jobs. until becoming the origin of the aforementioned milk tooth cluster

For Chumphon Province, data from the Chumphon Provincial Public Health Office as of December 3, 21, there are 15,420 cumulative cases of Covid 9, 109 deaths, and 14,512 cumulative recoveries, an average of 50-100 cases per day.


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