Scooter passenger falls under lorry at Ponkunnam | Kerala News | Accident at Ponkunnam | Kottayam News

Ponkunnam: A scooter passenger fell under a lorry on the Kottayam Ponkunnam National Highway. PG Ambili (43), a receptionist at a private hospital in Ponkunnam, died at Kuroppada Madappad Koovapoyka Krishnavilasam.

The accident happened around 8 am today. The accident happened while coming for morning duty.

The lorry collided with a scooter while turning onto the KVMS road, 150 meters from the National Highway, on the way to the hospital.

The rear wheel went up and down through their bodies, which were thrown from the scooter under the front wheel of the lorry. Ambili is the wife of Koovapoyka Makkal Santosh.

Content Highlights: Scooter passenger died in a lorry accident at Ponkunnam



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