Scoreless Draws for Machida and Shimizu in Meiji Yasuda J2 League

Meiji Yasuda J2 League: Machida and Shimizu Share Points in Scoreless Draw

September 3, 2023 (Sunday) 21:50

In the 33rd round of the Meiji Yasuda J2 League, the top-ranked Machida and third-placed Shimizu battled to a goalless draw.

In a fiercely contested away match against Gunma, Machida displayed their attacking prowess but failed to find the back of the net, resulting in a stalemate. Likewise, Shimizu, playing at home against Tokushima, struggled to find a breakthrough, resulting in a goalless draw.

Nagasaki initially took the lead with goals from Juanma Delgado and Mateus Jesus. However, they surrendered their advantage and settled for a 2-2 draw against Oita. Okayama, on the other hand, claimed a 2-2 draw against Iwaki after Thiago Alves broke the deadlock in the 50th minute. With three consecutive wins, Okayama climbed to 7th place in the standings.

Tochigi emerged victorious with a comfortable 2-0 win over Fujieda, thanks to Ismaila’s brace. Meanwhile, Chiba secured a hard-fought 1-0 win over Kumamoto, with Tsuneki Yonekura finding the back of the net in the 86th minute to break the deadlock.

Mito showcased a dominant performance against Yamaguchi, with Ikuya Unoki’s brace leading them to a 2-1 victory. In a closely contested match, Yamagata equalized against Omiya through Yusuke Goto’s goal, resulting in a 1-1 draw. The encounter between Sendai and Kofu also ended in a goalless draw, as both teams struggled to create decisive opportunities.

Meiji Yasuda J2 League Standings

  • Nagasaki versus Oita
  • Iwaki against Okayama
  • Shimizu versus Tokushima
  • Sendai versus Kofu
  • Yamagata versus Omiya
  • Tochigi versus Fujieda
  • Gunma versus Machida
  • Chiba versus Kumamoto
  • Yamaguchi versus Mito

September 3, 2023 (Sunday) 21:50

Machida, the leader, and Shimizu, the third, both in a scoreless draw.[Crynodeb: Meiji Yasuda J2 Adran 33]

In the Meiji Yasuda J2 League, 9 games were played on the 33rd round on the 3rd, and Machida, the leader, and Shimizu, who was the 3rd, could not win.

In an away match against Gunma, Machida created chances but lacked the finishing touch, ending in a scoreless draw. Shimizu, who hosted Tokushima at home, also lacked a decisive shot, ending in a 0-0 draw.

Goals from Juanma Delgado and Mateus Jesus gave Nagasaki a two-goal lead before conceding two more to draw 2-2 with Oita. In the 50th minute, Thiago Alves scored the opening goal for Okayama at Iwaki’s home ground, before leveling the scores in the 66th minute. Okayama moved up to 7th place with 3 straight wins.

Ismaila’s two goals gave Tochigi a comfortable 2-0 win over Fujieda. Chiba defeated Kumamoto 1-0 with Tsuneki Yonekura scoring the winning goal in the 86th minute when the game was scoreless.

Mito, who entered Yamaguchi’s home ground, showed a good performance with Ikuya Unoki scoring two goals, and beating Yamaguchi 2-1. In the 61st minute, when Yamagata was one point behind, Yusuke Goto’s goal caught them up, drawing with Omiya 1-1. Sendai vs Kofu ended in a scoreless draw as both sides lacked a decisive move.

Meiji Yasuda J2 Alliance Situation

■ Matching data
Nagasaki versus Oita
Iwaki against Okayama
Shimizu vs. Tokushima
Sendai vs. Kofu
Yamagata vs Omiya
Tochigi vs. Fujieda
Gunma vs. Machida
Chiba vs. Kumamoto
Yamaguchi vs. Mito

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