Scorpio weekly horoscope

biweekly horoscope 16-30 November 2565. larrier eg Scorpio (Nov. 16 – Dec. 15)

work This is when people will feel more pressure on their work. Maybe there are things that make you feel like you can’t find a way out. eight sides of the dark And you may still need to lead a team to get the job started. Although you don’t know the way either. Considered as the period where you have to keep solving and finding a way out at the same time.

finance During this period, you have a threshold to spend a lump sum. and if you have already spent this amount making your financial situation tighter than before But you can’t avoid it either.

love For singles During this time, if you have someone to talk to. Be aware of the situation between you. And he is in a phase of awkwardness. He, or maybe you, are trying too hard to be out of shape. For those who have a couple Be aware that the other person can make you feel that your relationship And it is not very flexible. until you start to get frustrated

health Be careful about back pain. Be careful not to sit well. or sleep and have pain

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