Scottish decision to choose the exciting acceleration of Sofolarin, “no brain”

Scottish decision to choose the exciting acceleration of Sofolarin, “no brain”

Scotland performed well on the Sevens circuit in Hong Kong last year

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Selecting Femi Sofolarin, who arrived in England in the HSBC Seventh World Series last season, was part of Scotland's heart squad for 2019/20, it was “no shell”, according to Ciaran Beattie, head-trainer new.

Winger Sofolarin, 19, started playing 11-year-old rugby in Dulwich College and Beckenham Guarantee Club and went on to start his first Premierhip club for Harlequins under 18 years of age. November 2017.

It was limited in Scotland at the level of XV-side under 18 in the Six Nations Festival in Wales and, indeed, scored a try in its place when the Scots defeated their English counterparts 32-27.

This effort and his raw pace warned England to express his talents clearly and soon he was playing sixty, scoring his first Sevens Rugby League match for Marcoussis, France, in July 2018. .

His progress then continued and he resigned from the entire England squad on the show circuit in Singapore, London and Paris in April, May and June.

However, it will be wearing dark blue again because it was not ‘captured ag by England after these trips because it is still under 20 years of age.

And Beattie has convinced a Scottish University student, qualified in Scotland, to enter his 14-man core group before the start of the 2019/20 Sevens World Series in Dubai next month.

Some of the squad will go to Elche, Spain this weekend for European warm-up competitions and Sofolarin will take part.

“Femi played a lot of senses and it wasn't really at all,” said Beattie, 33, with TRU.

“He obviously played under 18 years of age in Scotland, so we knew him and he's around him. [Scottish Rugby] system for a long time.

"He is now at Newcastle University and is a great author. No arguments were needed, only a deal with him and an honest and honest dialogue with him. [England Sevens and GB Sevens head coach] Simon Amor.

“It is sensible and now that it is in Newcastle West we believe that we can help facilitate its development.

“It's not connected to England, I think he will have to make a decision around Sydney [1-2 February, 2020] and afterwards it would be attached to us.

“Femi is still to prove himself, he's coming to the Spanish competition at the weekend, but he's got good training and has a real speed and is an exciting player.” T

“It's a bit of a shock, but it's a good thing”.

Robbie Fergusson, a key member of the Scottish squad and one of last year's joint captain, admits that the most experienced players were "surprised" when Sofolarin came under training a few months ago, but he's "excited". ”To be available.

“We were surprised when he came to train as we played for England last year,” said Fergusson, 26.

“We've seen him play, he knows what's involved and it's incredibly exciting to know that one of his talent is in our group.

“He's a young boy, his legs are very special and he likes the pace, and he adds greatly to our squad.

“[The call-up] I had no hope of it, I had a little conversation with Ciaran recently and he said there might be something going on. I looked at Femi up and had a few of his clips online and it's pretty pretty, shock is his choice, but a good one. ”

Sofolarin is one of four new central faces for Scots

The other 14-man squad named Beattie for the 10-strong series are former Donegal Rugby winner Tom Brown, former artist Ayrra Kyle Rowe and Scott Bickerstaff Marr.

The other 10 players, led by experienced leaders such as Jamie Farndale, Fergusson, Max McFarland and Gavin Lowe, were part of the program last year when Scotland finished John Dalziel is now a coach forward in Glasgow Warriors.

And with the Olympic option for Great Britain in the coming months expect this squad in Ireland to be more competitive than ever before.

Of the newcomers, Brown, who won one XV-side-in-Scotland cap in 2012 against Australia, made seven World Series appearing at the end of 2018/19.

The 29-year-old will probably play in the shortened game and Beattie said: “Tommy is bouncing around training because he is 21 years old and real spring is his step.

“He is loving to learn about lifting in the line, jumping in the line and just lovingly being part of the external program.

“He has great experience of losing players such as Scott Riddell, Glenn Bryce and Jo Nayacavou as he puts things in silence and is huge throughout the group.” T

Like Brown, Rowe dancer earned two caps last season, he played for Scotland under 20 years previously and was a big player for Ayr with their success last year and Bickerstaff hitting the game. door for a few years and performer is very consistent with Marr.

“Kyle has a real talent and will give a different dimension to the group and Scott was part of the wider training squad in previous years and is very fit, very fast and has a good rugby brain,” said Beattie.

“I'm excited to see how these guys and Femi and Tom integrate this into the squad.”

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