Scottish independence emerges after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Scottish independence is diminishing after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, according to a survey carried out by Delta Poll. It shows that the majority of public opinion supports Charles III, with around two in five believing that he is the good Scottish monarch.

Poll results published inThe Sun on Sunday newspaper indicates that afterQueen Elizabeth II ohUnited KingdomHis Highness, voice of supportScotlandindependence from the United Kingdom was greatly reduced In addition, the support forKing Charles III also increased strongly

A specially commissioned survey found out what fans would like to seeScotlandindependent ofUnited Kingdom7% discount withScottishOnly 42% to voteindependent If a referendum is held on Monday (September 19), from 49 per cent in a poll conducted last month,

This latest survey was conducted 10 days after theDeath of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle and the body was summoned to be interred in St Silyn’s Cathedral. Edinburgh Scotland

Results of a survey conducted bydelta poll It also shows that most of the public opinion gives supportKing Charles III around two in five believe it willthe good king of Scotland And only 15% believed he was a bad king.

in addition Scottish 1 in 3, or around 28%, believe thatDeath of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II it will help to strengthenUnited Kingdom At the same time, only 18% believed that death would weaken ties.

The results of this poll also show“Liz Truss” The new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by the majority of adultsScottishAbout 55% do not want a new referendum on theindependent

Conservative MP Andrew Bowie said: “What he showed last week cameDeath of Queen Elizabeth II without creating division but the greater the unity of the people in the nation People came all over the country together to pay tribute and mourn.queenthe deceased”

this latest poll According to AFP news reports last week that sadness to peopleUnited Kingdomtowards departureQueen Elizabeth II causing the current against the British royal family to fade from the Republican even Wanting to convert England to a republican system also came to sympathize and announce a temporary suspension of the campaign to overthrow the prince.

The people who wanted to overthrow the dynasty were still a minority in theEngland by a Yugov poll In June, only 22 percent of respondents wanted an elected head of state, compared to 62 percent who wanted the monarchy to remain.

Yugov survey results It was announced on 13 September that the level of popularity isKing Charles III A huge increase compared to the polls held in the last 4 months.

63% of respondents believed he would perform well as king. Originally, there were only 32% of such respondents in May.

while the big media prepares to go liveHer Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Ceremony On Monday (September 19), it is expected to reach a record global audience of billions.

Anyway Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Ceremony It will officially start on Monday, September 19 at 11:00 am British time or 5:00 pm Thai time, according to the program schedule of the CNN news agency on September 19, which states that the station will broadcast liveHer Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Ceremony from 3:00 pm Thai time until 11:00 pm

The BBC will also be broadcasting live.ceremonialalso

London’s Metropolitan Police Department said: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Ceremony held in London This was the largest security operation in Britain. because there will be leaders and heads of nations namely the king and queen As well as members of the royal family, presidents and prime ministers from all over the world were present at the ceremony.

“I can confirm that this will be the Metropolitan Police’s biggest ever security operation. It will be a bigger event than hosting the 2012 Olympics or celebrating the 70th anniversary of the reign.Queen Elizabeth IIStuart Kandy, deputy assistant commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police said.

It is expected that around 2,000 leaders and heads of nations will be present.Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Ceremony by the leaders of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as countries that have diplomatic relations with Britain. Both have already accepted the invitation, which will dofuneral ceremonyThis is one of the largest gatherings of world leaders for years.

now Tomb of Queen Elizabeth II included inWestminster Hall And on September 19, there will be a ceremony to bring the royal body to the state ceremonyWestminster Cathedral At the end of the ceremony, the body will be moved for the burial ceremony.St George’s ChapelinsideWindsor Castle

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