Screenwriters analyze the success code of Wang Xiaoping’s main theme drama: screenwriters must have fresh characters in their hearts_Creation_Song Fangjin_TV series

Original title: Screenwriters analyze the success code of the drama Wang Xiaoping’s main theme: Screenwriters must have fresh characters in their hearts

Sohu Entertainment News (Lin Zhen / Text) The Global Screenwriting Forum was recently held at the Binhu Service Center in Changzhi, Shanxi Province. Famous screenwriters Wang Xiaoping, Wang Wanping, Song Fangjin, and Zhou Wei expressed their opinions on topics such as ” How the main theme TV series impresses the audience, and analyzed the “Merit” ” and other outstanding themes successful password tv series.

In recent years, the creation and broadcasting of the main theme TV series has become the trend of the times, and has attracted more and more attention and love from the audience. Dramas such as “Worthy Successes”, “Awakening Age” and ” Shan Hai Qing” created great repercussions.

The famous screenwriter Wang Xiaoping has created many outstanding film and television works such as “The Legend of Zhen Huan” and “The Legend of Miyue”. She believes that it should not be classified according to the main theme or genre, and screenwriters of excellent works should follow the principles of script creation.

Wang Xiaoping said that every successful drama and character has something to do with whether the scriptwriter has insight into life and can go deep into life. For works of any theme, this is an eternal truth. “The Principles of Creating Reality are the fundamental principles for the success of our work.”

Song Fangjin, a well-known screenwriter who has created “Dream of Yuan Longping” from the TV series “Mobile Phone”, “For a Word” and “Meritorious Service”, agrees with Wang Xiaoping’s point of view. He believes that the reason why mainstream films and TV dramas have been popular with audiences in recent years is that they have adopted a genre-based creative approach and written more deeply and vividly than o’ the front.

Song Fangjin said: “The adaptation of “The World” was very successful. I gave “The World” 50 points for the original book, 50 points for the screenwriter, and both went from literature to screenplay. The director’s work. I think the screenwriter and the original work are equally divided. Mr. Liang contributed literature, and Mr. Wang contributed the script, which is a very good adaptation collaboration.”

He believes that a large number of aesthetic and low-level, low-quality film and television works are still popular, and there is a need to create more realistic style works in the future, “but realism is not a subject, but a creative style, by include historical dramas, fairy tales, etc. Xia dramas, sweet pet dramas, and urban emotional dramas must have a realistic creative attitude, and must have a serious creative spirit of being responsible for aesthetics and audiences. I hope the there will be more forums like this today, and even we should write screenwriters, production The filmmakers, directors and stage executives are all invited to have a dialogue, and the creative situation can be presented at a higher level.” Wang Wanping recognized this and discussed with Song Fangjin in the forum.

On the same day, Wang Haige, President of Laiwu Film Workers Association of Australia, Zhu Ting, President of Hong Kong World Film Industry Conference Group, Zheng Xiaolong, President of Laiwu Television Drama Directors Association of Australia, Zhang Guangbei, Gong Hanlin, co-chairmen of Actors Association Australian TV Drama Laiwu; the famous actor Li Mingqi attended. , Hou Tianlai, Wang Lei, Tan Zhuo, Zhu Gangriyao, Chen Wei, Jin Zhu, Chen Yicheng, Li Chong and other stars of this forum.Return to Sohu, see more


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