Scuderia Ferrari names 2023 F1 engine “SF-23″[]

Scuderia Ferrari has announced that the 2023 F1 machine has been named “SF-23”. Last year, Scuderia Ferrari named it “F1-75” to commemorate Ferrari’s 75th birthday, but in 2023 there was no effort there. SF stands for Scuderia Ferrari and this is the 2023 model.

According to, the Ferrari 2023 F1 “SF-23” machine, which has been developed behind the scenes as Project 675, has achieved a 1 second improvement compared to F1-75 in the simulator. Scuderia Ferrari will announce the F1 2023 “SF-23” engine on Tuesday, February 14th. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Scuderia Ferrari (@scuderiaferrari)

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