SDPI Alappuzha Area Secretary: Ranjith murder: SDPI Alappuzha area secretary arrested – renjith srinivasan murder sdpi alappuzha area secretary arrested

Kochi: SDPI Alappuzha area secretary arrested in connection with the murder of OBC Morcha state secretary Ranjith Srinivasan. Sinu, who was directly involved in the murder conspiracy, was arrested.

Earlier, police had arrested Anoop Ashraf and Razeeb, both residents of Vellakinar, who were directly involved in the murder. Anoop Ashraf was taken into police custody from Bengaluru and Razeeb from Alappuzha.

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According to police, 12 people were directly involved in the murder. The investigation team is hoping that the information obtained from the detainees will reach the other accused.

Earlier in the day, ADGP Vijay Sakhar had said that all the culprits in the murder of OBC Morcha state secretary Ranjit Srinivas had been identified. Meanwhile, the main accused in the SDPI leader Shan murder case have been arrested. Only a handful of those involved in the conspiracy are yet to be arrested.

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OBC Morcha leader Ranjith Srinivasan was killed after the murder of SDPI state secretary KS Shan. Police believe 12 people on six bikes were behind the murder. The accused, who arrived at the house in the morning, knocked on the door and as soon as the door was opened, he entered the house and committed murder. The assailants performed the act in front of their mother and wife.

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