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Se-Hoon Oh “Fake Basic Income” vs. Jae-Myung Lee “Secure Income Vain Commitment”

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Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and Gyeonggi-do Governor Lee Jae-myeong are fighting each other for their’safe income’ and’basic income’. They harshly criticized each other’s policies as “basic income is a sensational cash distribution” (Mayor Oh) and “Safe income is a futile pledge to deceive citizens” (Governor Lee).

The debate began when the governor posted a post on Facebook on the 28th, entitled’Discriminatory Meal Season 2 Safe Income, Rich is not a Sinner’. The previous day, the Seoul Metropolitan Government criticized this when it announced that it would form an advisory group and start a full-scale discussion in order to pilot safe income that provides half of the amount below the median income to citizens whose income level is less than the median income.

Governor Lee said, “Reliable income is an old idea of ​​dividing the people into a’tax-only sacrificial group’ and a’benefit-only group’ to confront and stigmatize conflicts.” It is difficult to get consent,” he criticized.

Then Mayor Oh said, “The basic income of this branch is nothing more than a package of sensational cash dispensing that does not adhere to the basic principles.” Relief income provides more support to those in need and ultimately enables them to grow into the middle class. He was hit with a special effect on resolving polarization.” On the 29th, Governor Lee went to the workshop again, saying, “It is necessary to reveal how to raise funds for a safe income of 17 trillion won so that the suspicion that it is a vain pledge to deceive citizens will be resolved.” He also said, “If you pay 17 trillion won as basic income, you can pay 1.7 million won a year per day for Seoul citizens.” Rather than selecting only some of the low-income people and paying tens of millions of won in cash, it is better to pay local currency to all citizens on a quarterly basis. It is a much fairer and clearer way to save the economy.” Mayor Oh refuted Governor Lee’s argument, saying, “The budget will be designed to be within the range that can be adequately covered by the city’s annual welfare budget.” He also said, “It is the reason to refrain from criticizing and wait until at least the framework of the pilot project is prepared and launched,” he said. “Please watch until the framework of a systematic and elaborate experiment is drawn up.”

The workshop continues until the 30th, the third day. Governor Lee said, “It is embarrassing to accuse me of being’seriously distributed cash’,” saying that Mayor Oh’s safe income is close to being lonesome. Then Mayor Oh criticized this afternoon as “Governor Lee’s’fake basic income’ is reverse discriminatory, much more unfair and conflict-producing.”

Reporter Park Chang-gyu [email protected]
Reporter Lee Kyung-jin [email protected]

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