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Se-Hoon Oh “Need the Governor’s’Basic Income’ astronomical financial resources”… Second day snow war

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Se-Hoon Oh, former Mayor of Seoul (left)-Jae-myung Lee, Gyeonggi Governor © News1

Over the second day, the war between Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and Lee Jae-myeong, Gyeonggi Governor over the’safe income’ in Seoul continues for two days.

‘Relief Income’ is a system that provides cash for a certain percentage of the income below a certain amount in cash to households whose annual income is less than a certain amount, and is one of the major pledges of the Oh Mayor.

Mayor Oh said on Facebook on the afternoon of the 29th, “It is a new model of welfare experiment that will be observed with interest by welfare experts around the world whether this attempt will inspire or lower the will to work, and how the pros and cons will be evaluated. “Please wait with anticipation.”

On the morning of that day, Governor Lee said that Mayor Oh’s criticism of his basic income as a’cash-spreading site’ said, “How to prepare a safe income source (approximately 85 trillion won in Seoul alone) that costs 17 trillion won. Reveal it.”

The war began when Governor Lee opened the door saying that the’reliable income’ presented by Mayor Oh was an old idea that was not suitable for the’low growth and polarization era’.

Mayor Oh said, “I have already enlisted 24 experts as’Seoul Safe Income Demonstration Project Advisors’ for systematic and elaborate experiments.” “We will select the control group as evenly as possible using the statistical methodology.”

“For example, among those who are eligible for safe income, basic beneficiaries are not partially paid various cash-based welfare benefits, and the total amount of welfare funds that is increasing is not as burdensome as expected, as the existing welfare resources are used as part of the safe income resources. “I emphasized.

In particular, Mayor Oh said, “The size of this budget will be designed within the range that can be adequately covered by the Seoul city’s annual welfare budget,” he said. “However, Governor Jae-myung Lee’s basic income requires astronomical resources to function properly as basic income. “Do” he pointed out.

“Governor Lee Jae-myeong also acknowledged the increase in new tax items such as land ownership tax, carbon tax, and data tax for basic income.” I wonder if it can be done,” he added.

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