SEA Games Program 2021/22 Date 19 May 65 Today compete for 52 gold medals

19 May 65 The 31st SEA Games in Vietnam Today (19 May) there are 52 gold medals in swimming, 7 gold medals, karate, vovenum, wrestling, 6 gold medals per sport. Archery 5 gold medals Athletics Taekwondo 4 gold medals Judo Weightlifting 3 gold medals and billiards International chess Bicycle shooting 2 gold medals per sport

Highlight of the day Sports fans are waiting to watch “Tennis” Panipak Wongpattanakit, a famous Thai girl kicker. Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medalist announces his victory at the 3rd SEA Games after winning 2 times in the 29th SEA Games in Malaysia in 2017 and the 30th in the Philippines in 2019. Panipak will enter the 49kg category. Women and there are still 2 others to win, including Atisarat, 87 kg model, male and Sasikan Thongchan, 62 kg model, female, starting the first round at 14.00

Thai weightlifting sends 3 powerful men to hunt for gold medals, starting with Thanyathorn Sukcharoen, women’s 45 kg model, starting at 10:00 a.m., followed by Thada Somboonuan, 55 kg male model, starting at 12:00 and Su Rotchana Khambao, 49 kg female model, starts at 2 p.m. while cycling Cryterium type have a chance as well Starting from the women’s side at 9.30 a.m. with Jutatip Maneephan, Phannarai Rasi and Chaniphon Bandiya riding on the men’s side, starting at 10.30, with Sarawat Sirironchai Thanawut Saniwatee and Pathomphob Phon Arththan enters the field

While the last day of athletics, the men’s marathon starts at 05.00, Thailand has Tony Arthit Payne and Sanchai Namkhet 2, the iron lung joins to win medals and also has a 20 km walk. Men start at 06.00 with Kittipong. Chob Duang and Arthit Sriwichai competed.

Other sports Interesting of the Thai army, men’s football semifinals, Thailand meets Indonesia at 19.00, Thai women’s futsal meets Vietnam at 16.00, Thai women’s basketball meets Singapore at 09.00 and badminton first round starts at 09.00 .

Sports fans follow the live broadcast. The 31st SEA Games will be held on T Sports 7, Channel 3 HD, Channel 5 HD and TrueID all day starting from 9:00 AM onwards.

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