Seagate Seagate Black Panther Special Edition FireCuda external hard drive-debut handsome black panther, large capacity 2TB data storage for you –

Handsome Black Panther debuts, large capacity 2TB data storage for you

Seagate Seagate FireCuda external hard drive has launched a number of limited edition products, from Star Wars to the previously introduced Spider-Man, and this time it has launched a limited edition product “Black Panther Special Edition FireCuda”, Black Panther (Black Panther) in the Marvel series The special edition has three styles of Black Panther, Okoye and Shuri to choose from, and the capacity provides one option of 2TB, allowing gamers to store game masterpieces and high-resolution audiovisual files no problem!
Black Panther Special Edition FireCuda also has RGB visual lighting effects. The light emitting position is lower in front of the hard drive. Users can adjust their favorite modes and colors through dedicated software. It supports Razer Chroma RGB. Razer believes that players can have a more integrated feeling The visual lighting effect allows the external hard disk to bring a visual effect; the transfer interface adopts USB 3.2 Gen 1, which is more than enough to play the performance of the hard disk perfectly, and can be connected to PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox.
This time I will present the Black Panther version. The main body is the classic black panther battle suit style, which is very low-key yet textured. The back is the Black Panther logo. Black Panther Special Edition FireCuda series hard drives also provide Rescue Data Recovery Services and The three-year warranty service provides an additional level of protection for the data on the external hard drive Let’s take a look at the Seagate Black Panther FireCuda Special Edition external hard drive!

Seagate Seagate Black Panther Special Edition FireCuda external hard drive body and packaging

▼ The package indicates the product model, appearance, capacity and features, this is the Black Panther version

▼ Marvel logo

▼This presentation is 2TB, which provides Rescue Data Recovery Services

▼ The products are FireCuda series products

▼ Support RGB lighting effect

▼ Multi-language product features are marked on the back

▼ Traditional Chinese Product Characteristics

▼ Product Information

▼ The side-marking supports the operating system and basic specifications

▼ Accessories: product manual, FireCuda sticker, exclusive Black Panther sticker and USB 3.2 transfer cable

▼ Black Panther Special Edition FireCuda main body list, the appearance is black panther combat uniform style and black color, FireCuda engraved logo in the upper left corner, SEAGATE engraved words in the lower right corner

▼ Engraved logo by FireCuda

▼ SEAGATE engraved lettering

▼ Black Panther style

▼ The back adopts purple color matching, marking the product model and safety certification, as well as the black panther logo

▼ Panther logo

▼ Product model and safety certification

▼From the side, you can see that there is a concave look that looks like Mae base is matched with purple, and there are two low-key colors that are not monotonous at all

▼ The front shape has a built-in light guide strip, which provides RGB visual lighting effects after plugging in, and there is also the word Black Panther

▼ The back is the USB micro B port and the hard disk status indicator

Visual lighting display

▼ The default lighting effect is purple, which only echoes the bottom purple

▼ Lighting effects add a lot of e-sports atmosphere!

Seagate Black Panther Edition FireCuda external hard drive performance

testing platform
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X
Cooler: msi MEG CORELIQUID S280
Storage: WD Black 1TB NVMe SSD
PSU: msi MPG A1000G 1000W
OS: Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit

▼ Test the hardware to prove yourself

▼ AJA Video System read: 127MB/s write: 125MB/s, audio and video read and write using 5K high resolution files

▼ Benchmark AS SSD basic test read 128.05MB/s, write 127.55MB/s

▼ ATTO Disk Benchmark The maximum read speed can reach 128.38MB/s, and the maximum write speed can reach 128.86MB/s

▼ Crystal Disk Mark sequential read 136.01MB/s, write 135.20MB/s

▼ HD tune read performance test 105.9MB/s, the highest value is 142.9MB/s, the lowest value is 62.1MB/s

▼ HD melody write performance test 103.1MB/s, the highest value is 149.4MB/s, the lowest value is 60.4MB/s

▼HD Tune’s random access read test shows that when the file size is larger, the transfer performance is better, providing a maximum of 34.767MB/s

▼ HD Tune’s random access write test shows that when the file size is larger, the transfer performance is better, providing a maximum of 95.900MB / s

▼ HD Tune additional reading test in each test item

▼ HD Tune additional writing test in each test item

▼ TxBENCH QD32 sequential read 132.140MB/s, write 131.860MB/s

Seagate Seagate Black Panther Special Edition FireCuda external hard drive genuine transfer test

The actual transfer test uses RAMDISK external hard disk and Seagate Black Panther Special Edition FireCuda for data transfer, now let’s look at the actual transfer performance

▼ The multi-file write test (RAMDISK to HDD) with a capacity of 11498.4MB (a total of 1484 files) took 206.47 seconds, and the average write speed was 55.69MB/s

▼ A multi-file read test (HDD to RAMDISK) with a capacity of 11498.4MB (a total of 1484 files) took 96.83 seconds, and the average read speed was 118.75MB/s

▼A single file writing test (RAMDISK to HDD) with a capacity of 11888.4MB (total of 1 file) took 91.69 seconds, and the average writing speed was 129.66MB/s

▼ A single file reading test (HDD to RAMDISK) with a capacity of 11888.4MB (total of 1 file) took 91.42 seconds, and the average reading speed was 130.04MB/s

Introduction of Seagate Toolkit software

▼ Provides backup, recovery and mirroring functions, and can also adjust RGB lighting

▼ Provide a backup function

▼ Provide recovery function

▼ A mirror folder can be installed

▼ In the device, you can set whether the LED indicator is on or not, RGB lighting supports Razer Chroma RGB

▼ RGB light can be adjusted

▼ Monochrome mode provides a total of four modes, three sets of settings can be adjusted

▼ Rainbow mode provides four lighting modes


Every time Seagate launches a special edition product, it is really great, and it can make collectors crazy. In addition to its own product functions, this kind of product has more collectible value! The special edition of Marvel Black Panther launched this time has three styles to choose from, so that players who love Black Panther can collect it The hard disk has a full sides pattern on the outside, and RGB can adjust the light and the texture is nothing to say! In terms of capacity, there’s only 2TB to choose from, which is enough to store game masterpieces or large-capacity high-definition audio-visual files. In terms of transmission performance, the Benchmark test scored about 130MB/s for reading and writing, and the actual transmission performance for one large file can provide 129 ~ 130MB/s transfer speed Left and right; the dedicated Toolkit software can adjust lighting effect mode and color function, and the lighting supports Razer Chroma RGB. believers can synchronize the lighting effects perfectly. In addition, it also has a complete data backup and synchronization function, which can be used as a mirror folder, to achieve automatic backup; Black Panther Edition external hard drive also has FireCuda Recovery Recovery Services with a rescue success rate as high as 90% External hard drives are more likely to cause data damage due to crashes or drops Data rescue services are for users The information is safer;Marvel Black Panther fans are going to riot? Seagate Seagate Black Panther Special Edition The FireCuda external hard drive is waving at you!