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Search of lake stopped; Mysteriously hard disk | Police

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Kochi: In the case of models Ansi Kabir and Anjana Shajan who were killed in a car accident at Palarivattom, the police have ended their search in the lake for the hard disk containing the CCTV footage of Hotel No. 18. The search was conducted in the lake for three days following the statement that it was dumped in the lake. Meanwhile, Saiju Thankachan, who was following the vehicle of the deceased in the accident, has not yet appeared for questioning.

Excise, meanwhile, reported that the models were served alcohol after the scheduled time at the hotel where they attended the party. The liquor was served after the deadline in connection with the DJ party. Further investigations will be carried out to find out whether drugs have been used.

According to hotel staff, the hard disk of the hotel where the DJ party was held was thrown into the lake from the Kannankadu bridge before the former Miss Kerala and her friends were killed in a car accident. Based on this, the police conducted an extensive search with the help of the fire force and fishermen. The search was based on information that a hard disk-like object had been caught in the fishermen’s net and thrown away. But the hard disk could not be found.

Following this, the police stopped the search for the hard disk. Meanwhile, Saiju Thankachan, who was following the models killed in the car accident, did not appear for questioning today. Saiju was given a notice by the police to appear within 24 hours. Saiju, who works as an interior designer in Kochi, regularly attends DJ parties at the No. 18 Hotel. Saiju’s preliminary bail application states that the victims were only warned when they drove under the influence of alcohol and did not follow them. Police said the accident was not suspicious and that footage of the case had been obtained from the hotel. But the cause of the hard disk destruction is not yet clear.

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English Summary: Kochi models death case, police investigation for hard disk


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