Home News Searching for a medical glove factory Produced 2 million standard pieces worth over 150 million baht.

Searching for a medical glove factory Produced 2 million standard pieces worth over 150 million baht.

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191 Sondhi, FDA and TISI invade the factory in Lam Luk Ka area Secretly producing medical gloves Not up to standard And pack used gloves in many new boxes Fool customers Seized more than 2 million items worth more than 150 million baht, ready to accelerate the expansion of the warehouse owner to report the allegation

Wade catches another factory that produces non-standard rubber medical gloves. Revealed at 00.05 am, January 9, Lt. Col. Phakphong Phongphetra, Lt.Col. Pol. Lieutenant General Samran Nuanma, Deputy Lieutenant General. Pol. Somboon Thiankhao, Deputy Chief of Police Pol. Police Pol. Pol. Pol. Pol. Lt. Colonel Akharapol Lieutenant Colonel Wasan Thawatchaiwirut Deputy Director General of Inspector General Chetapon Buachansen, Patrol Officer 2, together with officials of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ministry of Public Health And staff of the Thai Industrial Standards Institute Ministry of Industry Investigate the warehouse at No. B70 / 1, Bueng Kham Phroi Subdistrict, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province after discovering that there is an inefficient medical device production.

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The place was a large warehouse. Gated The interior is converted to a place to store medical devices in order to prepare for distribution to customers. Most of them are various brands of rubber gloves, approximately 2,064,000 pieces, 120,000 boxes, 1 plastic sealer and 2 digital scales, worth more than 150 million baht, have been seized as neutral to ensure they meet legal standards. Or not

Police Lieutenant General Samran Nuanma, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, said that there is currently an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus affecting people. Damage to the nation At the same time, the demand for medical products is highly desirable. There is a smuggling of unstandard medical devices. Meet the opportunity for the criminals to use the timing of the incident In order to deter Ordered an investigative kit to look for clues until the facility discovered that the facility was smuggling and hiding a pack of used medical gloves. So Sondhi is in the process of discovering many items in the middle Such action is considered an offense according to The Medical Device Act 2008, the base does not register a medical device manufacturing establishment and a production base which is a medical device that is not safe to use.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Somboon Thiankhao, Deputy Chief of Staff, said Medical gloves are intended to be worn on the hands. To prevent contamination between the patient and the user for diagnosis or treatment of disease It is also used for handling or coming into contact with potentially contaminated medical materials. Production sites must have quality control and hygienic storage of medical devices. Including the product must have quality standards as required by law. If the product is defective and is not up to standard, it can adversely affect both the patient and the wearer. During the COVID-19 situation That are spreading around the world right now It is often found that there is an opportunity to smuggle in the manufacture and import of health products and medical devices. There is a large need for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.

While Pol. Lt. Col. Piyarat Suparat, the police officer, said that from now on, the results will be extended to collect evidence for investigation and summon the offender to acknowledge the allegation and investigate the source. Entering medical rubber gloves must get permission from the FDA first, if found smuggling, importing and selling illegal health products, you can notify the hotline 191 or the FDA hotline number 1556 24 hours a day.

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