Season 10 of “Rocket League®” has begun! |Epic Games Japan press release

Rocket Pass Season 10 features the iconic Volkswagen Golf II GTI hatchback. Players who acquire Rocket Pass Premium can instantly unlock the Volkswagen Golf GTI in the game (Octane hitbox). Plus, level up with Rocket Pass for the chance to unlock an upgraded Volkswagen Golf GTI RLE. See here ( ) for other Rocket Pass items.

Other Rocket League Season 10 highlights include:

  • NEW VERSION OF ARENA – Players can now experience a new version of Deadeye Canyon (Oasis).
  • Average latency counter – Added an average latency counter for online playlists. Players will now be able to see an estimated wait time when finding a game online, instead of showing the current playlist presence (good/great/excellent).
  • New In-Game Event – A new limited time in-game event focused on vehicles is coming later this season. Details will be released next month.
  • Season Rewards and More – The Season 9 Competitive Rewards (( ) ) have been distributed. This season also introduces new Competitive Tournament prizes. For more information on season 10, check out the blog post below.

Additionally, the “AC Milan X PUMA x KOCHÉ Pack”, which includes the “AC Milan (PUMA x KOCHÉ) Octane” decal, the “AC Milan (PUMA x KOCHÉ) Dominus” decal and the “AC Milan (PUMA x KOCHÉ). )” wheel, available for 550 Available now in the item shop for credits. Items can also be obtained individually and can be obtained in-game until March 22nd.

Rocket League is also celebrating Women’s History Month with three free items created by one of the many talented women who work at Psyonix. “Pop Punk Octane” Decal is available now. “Chaser Dominus” decals will be available March 16th, “Purple Moonpaw” wheels March 23rd. In addition, Rocket League will support the $10,000 Women in Rocket League (WIRL) Cup (March 12-13) and the Ally Women’s Open (March 26-27). For more information, visit our blog here ( ).

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[Rocket League Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand] Winning or being nominated for over 150 “Game of the Year” awards, Rocket League is one of the most acclaimed sports games of our generation. Rocket League is a powerful hybrid of physics-based, arcade-style soccer and driving games with intuitive controls and fluid gameplay. Playable on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and on PC on the Epic Games Store, Rocket League offers almost unlimited customization possibilities, online leaderboards and competitive tournaments, a full-featured program offline season mode, multiple game types, casual online games and competitive, and a “mutator” mode that allows players to completely change the rules.

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