Seasonal headaches, fever and headache?

◇ During the change of seasons, the daily temperature difference causes the blood vessels in the brain to dilate rapidly, causing a headache. *source=lid stock

This year is the year without the ‘cold wave’. Although November is relatively warmer than usual, the weather is very different to the weather during the day, with the temperature dropping in the morning and evening. It is time to pay special attention to the daily temperature difference.

One of the pains that people often complain about when the daily temperature difference becomes severe is a headache. Headache is a disease that often accompanies patients with cold or allergic rhinitis, and it also causes lack of sleep and stress.

A headache that appears during the change of seasons can be a primary headache without any disease, but it can be a secondary headache caused by various diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage or stroke, so special attention is needed.

◇ Primary headache? secondary headache?

Headaches experienced during the change of seasons are most often migraines, which belong to the primary headache. A migraine occurs when the blood vessels in the brain dilate rapidly and stimulate the nerves as the body reacts sensitively to the increasing daily temperature difference to maintain body temperature.

Migraine is statistically suffered by 1 in 10 people, and affects more women than men. In women, various stresses, including menstruation, are identified as migraine aggravating factors.

The most common age group is between 10 and 40 years. However, headaches that appear after the age of 40 are unlikely to be migraines. .

What are other types of headache besides migraine? In an interview with the Seoul Economic Daily, Seok Seung-han, president of the Korean Society of Neuroscience, mentioned, “If you look at outpatient treatment, you often meet patients who don’t know the cause of their headaches.”

It is difficult to immediately identify the cause of a headache based on symptoms alone. If the headache persists even after being examined at a nearby local hospital, this is why you must visit a major hospital.

Not a few cases are thought to be due to stress or fatigue, but it was discovered late that it was a secondary headache caused by brain disease.

◇ When headache is accompanied by fever and vomiting, secondary headache should be suspected.  *source=lid stock
◇ When headache is accompanied by fever and vomiting, secondary headache should be suspected. *source=lid stock

Secondary headaches are often accompanied by more intense pain than primary headaches. A secondary headache should be suspected if it does not end with tingling alone but continues continuously and is accompanied by fever and vomiting.

To accurately determine the cause of a secondary headache, imaging such as CT or MRI should be performed.

In an interview with JoongAng Ilbo, Daedong Hospital Cerebrovascular Nerve Center Director Kang Tae-ho said, “If you have persistent headaches for no reason or if you have a family history of brain disease, you must visit a medical institution and get an accurate record. diagnosis.”

◇ Magnesium and vitamin B2 for migraine prevention

As a way to prevent migraines that often appear during the changing seasons, there is a way to take extra nutrients.

It is good to take it as a nutritional supplement, but it is also good to eat the ingredients that contain the ingredient directly.

Magnesium is known to be effective in preventing headaches. This is because magnesium deficiency weakens blood vessels and increases sensitivity to pain.

When blood vessels are stabilized with magnesium intake, the expansion and contraction of blood vessels on the side of the brain proceeds smoothly, which can reduce headaches.

Among the ingredients, brown rice contains a lot of magnesium. Therefore, mixing brown rice while cooking rice can help prevent headaches.

In addition to brown rice, you can get enough magnesium you need in your daily life from hijiki and natto.

Along with magnesium, vitamin B2 is an effective nutrient for preventing migraines.

The main cause of headaches is that mitochondria in cells do not work smoothly, because vitamin B2 helps mitochondria in cells to function effectively.

Vitamin B2 is contained in many cow or pig livers, egg yolks, etc. For patients suffering from migraine headaches, brown rice, along with liver meals and eggs, is the best preventive diet.

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