Seasoned fresh mash!! ‘Boy Chokchai’ defeated ‘Tao Dragon 5’ in a boxing fight 10 FIGHT 10

“Boy Chokchai” depends on freshness and dexterity. Beating the score of the senior actor “Dao Dragon 5”, the 4th fight of 10 fights 10, helped the white team successfully unlock the first fight.

Fight 10 Fight 10 Season 3 on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 will be the 4th game in the round, a contest between Dragon Tao 5 The actor and former boy band singer, 42, of Team Black meets the younger generation of actors. A Chokchai boy 34 years old from the white team

first round A Chokchai boy Rely on freshness and dexterity Use a long left jab and a long right fist. Can hit the target multiple times. especially at the end of the lift that releases the right punch until Taoism Dragon 5 It was shocking, but he always sought revenge.

In the second round, Boy Chokchai accelerates to move more. with a left punch to score But there was a moment when the Dao Dragon 5 unleashed a positive full right fist in the middle of the round, before the two exchanged fists fiercely throughout the lift.

Third round, the fighting game is still exciting. Both sides continued to release weapons to each other. Especially the right front punch on the left, both of them until the end of 3 rounds, the referee combines the score and raises his hand Boy Chokchai defeated Tao Dragon by 5 points unanimous with the three votes 29-28 and this was the first match of the white boxers Along with scoring points, the black team was chased up to 2-5 points

next week’s program This is the fifth match that should not be missed because it is female boxing between Sabina Meisinger From the black team, a duel with Yo Yoswadi From the White team on Wednesday, November 9 at Workpoint Studios, broadcast live on Workplace 23 as before


  • Match 1: 12 Oct | Criticism of Pholrit everytime Somchit Jongjohor
  • Game 2: 19 Oct | Lamplern Wongsakorn earn points Enan IRONBOY
  • Match 3: October 26 | Jose Weah Won by knockout, round 3 Rebie’s name
  • Game 4: November 2 | Tao Dragon 5 lose points A Chokchai boy
  • Game 5: November 9 | Sabina Meisinger VS Yo Yoswadi
  • Match 6: 16 Nov | Anan Anwa VS Ek Season Five
  • Game 7: November 23 | Ball Krishna VS Booboo Kamthorn
  • Game 8: November 30 | Sena Hoi VS Tok Supakorn
  • Game 9: December 7 | Poppy Ratchapong VS Great Sapon
  • Match 10: 14 Dec | Beam Sarunyu VS Guy Ratchachanon

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