Sebastian Vettel Downplays Speculation of F1 Return Despite Helmut Marko’s Comments

Sebastian Vettel Dismisses Speculation on F1 Return

The former Formula 1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel, has reassured fans that he has no plans of making a comeback to the sport. This comes after Red Bull F1 motorsport adviser, Helmut Marko, suggested that Vettel may not be done racing just yet.

Vettel, who retired from F1 at the end of last year after a stint with Aston Martin, has been spotted attending the Monaco Grand Prix and visiting the Red Bull garage recently. However, he firmly denied any intentions of returning to the competitive realm of Formula 1.

Marko’s comments stirred up speculation about Vettel possibly rejoining Red Bull Racing, with whom he achieved remarkable success during his career. In response, Marko categorically ruled out such a reunion, stating that it wouldn’t be fair to pit Vettel against their rising star, Max Verstappen. He also pointed out that Sergio Perez, Red Bull’s current driver, is under contract until 2024, making Vettel’s return unlikely.

Furthermore, Marko dismissed the idea of Vettel joining Red Bull’s sister team, AlphaTauri, as an experienced driver. According to Marko, Vettel’s ambition lies in driving for a top-tier team that can deliver victories.

Reflecting on his past glory, Vettel recently had the opportunity to drive the RB7, the car in which he won his second consecutive world championship in 2011. The nostalgic experience, coupled with his focus on sustainability, prompted Vettel to explore e-fuels, which he described as a step towards a more responsible and eco-friendly approach to racing.

Addressing his future plans, Vettel confirmed his participation in the upcoming Japanese F1 Grand Prix. He also teased a “bigger” project in Japan without disclosing any specific details. However, he emphasized that the initiative would revolve around fighting the climate crisis, indicating his dedication to environmental causes.

As Vettel continues to inspire through his actions, he aims to encourage others to consider alternative solutions and contribute to the safeguarding of the sport he holds dear. With his unwavering commitment to sustainability, Vettel’s influence extends beyond the race track.

Sebastian Vettel has downplayed Red Bull F1 motorsport adviser Helmut Marko’s recent comments about returning to F1, insisting there are “no plans” for a return. Four-time world champion Vettel retired from F1 at the end of last year after two years with the Aston Martin team.

Vettel has since been seen at this year’s Monaco Grand Prix and in the Red Bull garage at Silverstone ahead of Daniel Ricciardo’s tire test. Marko recently claimed on Austrian TV station ServusTV that he does not believe Vettel is completely done racing. “I think that Sebastian somehow feels that he doesn’t have a definite job at the moment and he doesn’t know exactly what to do. He has to make a decision somewhere,” said Marco. “I don’t think the driver situation is over for him yet.” However, Marko ruled out Vettel returning to Red Bull Racing, where he achieved most of his success in F1. Asked about Vettel driving for Red Bull again, Marko said: “Honestly, I don’t want to put him next to Verstappen.” “And now we have contracts. They last for a relatively long period. Perez is locked up until 2024.” Meanwhile, Marko also ruled out the possibility of Vettel joining Red Bull’s secondary team, AlphaTauri, as an experienced driver. “We already have an experienced driver in Daniel Ricciardo, and I think when Sebastian comes back, he wants to drive for victories again with a first class team,” he said. car that won the championship in 2011. Vettel, who has a total of 53 victories in F1, won the drivers’ championship for the second time in four consecutive years 12 years ago with 11 victories in the RB7. Continuing to seek sustainability in racing, Vettel once again ran on e-fuel. Reflecting on the experience, Vettel said: “It feels good, it brings back a lot of memories and makes me feel a bit nostalgic, like I’ve traveled back in time. in the car and enjoy it.”It’s a great opportunity and experience to feel it,” he told Der Westen. “But I think it combines what makes me happy . On the one hand, everything that resonates with nostalgia, and on the other hand, the possibility of making the whole thing a little more responsible, with e-fuel and ‘Race without Trace’ ” “It’s important for me to show that everyone can have fun and at least think about the alternatives and not say, ‘It’s going to be like this forever,’ but rather take that into account and think on a large and small scale. “The e-fuel we put in our cars now may not be a universal solution to everything, but it is a first step and a sign that we in motorsport can think about it. I believe that if we value our sport so much, we should strive to protect it.” Vettel also confirmed that he will take part in the Japanese F1 Grand Prix this month. When asked what projects he has in mind in the coming months, Vettel said: “We are planning something bigger in Japan. This is the first step to reaching out a little. I am very excited. And then there is. some small things and a lot of ideas that work under the surface.” When asked if he could reveal further details, Vettel said: “It will be part of the F1 race. It’s still a little early because it’s not ready yet. The basic tone is clear: fight the climate crisis and pay attention to it. “It means collecting.”

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