SEC urges SET to promote medium-sized Thai companies – large companies abroad to raise funds according to the BCG Model : InfoQuest

The SEC has revealed that the SEC board has approved a review of the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s (SET) rules regarding the listing of ordinary shares as listed securities based on market capitalization criteria, with the aim of promoting companies operating under the circular economy bioeconomy model and the green economy (BCG Model) that the government supports It covers medium-sized Thai companies with operating income in specific industries. and large foreign companies that have a significant share of economic value creation for the country. in accordance with the national strategy

With the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) having a policy to promote and support businesses that operate businesses supported by the government sector. able to continuously access funding sources in the capital market The SEC Board Meeting No. 9/2023 held on May 11, 2023 approved the draft regulations and SET announcements relating to the amendment of the criteria for listing common shares as listed securities in accordance with market capitalization criteria For companies operating in government-supported industries It includes medium-sized Thai companies and large foreign companies that create significant economic value for Thailand. A further improvement of industrial groups to be in line with the BCG Model, which was previously limited to large Thai companies promoted by the Board of Investment (BOI) only.

These improvements to the guidance will create greater flexibility and scope. Previously, general companies could raise money and be listed on the stock exchange on a net profit basis, which had to operate and have an operating profit for a period of time. These revised criteria have provided funding channels for medium-sized Thai companies operating in government-sponsored industries according to the BCG Model, as well as large international companies that create economic value. For Thailand, it can raise money and be listed on the stock market with market capitalization criteria as well, which creates opportunities for government-backed business operators. being able to access funding sources efficiently This will help the country’s economy to move forward as well.

The UDG will continue to enforce the above criteria.

By InfoQuest News Agency (26 May ’23)

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