Second motion of censure against Irene Vélez did not prosper in Congress

Why was Irene Vélez summoned for a motion of censure?

It was in a session of the Senate where Miguel Uribe Turbay, during a 45-minute speech, exposed the points why Minister Vélez would not be suitable to continue in office for placing, according to him, the country’s energy mining future not only at risk because of their positions, but also because they would be bringing to the ministry people who throughout their lives would have been opposed to mining through activism, which would set up an impediment.

Among the charges questioned by Uribe is Luis Álvaro Pardo, who would currently be part of the National Mining Agency. “Looking at his history a bit, what we see is that he has been an activist against mining. It turns out that whoever must ensure the guarantees of formal mining today is an “anti-miner,” “said the senator from the Democratic Center.

Along the same lines, names such as Héctor Julio Fierro, today director of the Colombian Geological Service, and Rodrigo Negrete, who would be an ANLA official after having led legal actions against the same entity, also came to light.

“Here then what we see is an intention of three anti-miners, or three people who don’t like formal mining, who don’t like the sector,” said Senator Miguel Uribe, who again brought up the modification in the functions manual of the Ministry of Mines and Energy to accommodate other professions for the charges.