‘Secondary Public Service Prosecution No. 1’ Kim Hyung-jun, former chief prosecutor, sentenced to first trial today

Source: Yonhap News

The first trial verdict on former chief prosecutor Kim Hyung-jun, who was handed over for trial for the first time since the establishment of the High Commissioner’s Crime Investigation Agency, is being announced today (9th).

The Seoul Central District Court’s 1st Criminal Independent Prosecutor’s Office held a sentencing hearing for former Chief Prosecutor Kim, who was indicted without custody on bribery charges this morning.

Former Prosecutor Kim was transferred to trial on charges of receiving more than 10 million won in money and entertainment from former colleague Mo Park in 2015, while serving as head of the Securities Crimes Investigation Division of the Joint in South Seoul. District Attorneys Office.

This was revealed in 2016 when former Chief Prosecutor Kim was on the line of investigation into accusations of receiving money and entertainment from Mr Kim in what is known as the ‘Sponsored Prosecutor Case’.

After that, the investigation resumed when Mr. Kim received a complaint about Park’s lawyer in 2019, and the following year, the police sent former prosecutor Kim and lawyer Park to the prosecution with an indictment opinion, and the prosecution transferred the case. to the Public Service in accordance with the law.

In March this year, the Ministry of Aviation Affairs judged that Kim had received money and other valuables and turned him over to trial.

In the decision hearing held in September, the Ministry of Aviation Affairs asked the court to sentence former prosecutor Kim to one year in prison and won a fine of 30 million.

Former Prosecutor Kim said, “I have been friends with the lawyer who gave me money and valuables for over 15 years in the prosecution, and I have never considered the entertainment provided as a bribe.”


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