Secondary Vocational Dwell” Merid dropped 5 details in .2 innings and retired!Epa 6: 2 Brothers – Liberty Sporting activities

Eighth inning

seventh inning

Following 7 on and 2 out, Liang Jiarong designed a 4-out walk, and Zhu Yuxian was out with a fly ball.

In 7 hits, Taoyuan adjusted pitcher Zhu Junxiang, Yue Zhenghua strike left field, Lin Shuyi designed a four-inning wander, Jiang Kunyu manufactured a double perform on second base, and Wang Weichen struck out.

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Recreation 6 (Ape 6: 2 Brothers)

On the 6th, the pitcher brothers Mai Lide transformed, Liao Jianfu gave four terrible walks, Lin Hongyu hit first and second base, Liang Jiarong hit the infield sideline 3rd foundation, Zhu Yuxian pitched the ball ahead, the pitcher produced an error residence operate and the catcher misses the catch. Base runners arrive again to score, Ape 2: 2 brothers, Qiu lands Under second base, house base runner is blocked, Yan Hongjun pitcher ahead floor out, third foundation runner returns to rating, Ape 3: 2 brothers, Chen Chenwei in the correct area A few level shot, Ape 06:02 Brothers, Lin Li strike the appropriate discipline, the brothers changed the pitcher Wang Yikai, and Guo Yongwei struck out.

6 hits, Chen Zihao made a shortstop mistake at shortstop, Chen Wenjie landed an infield hit, 2nd baseman Yue Donghua’s significant fly ball was out, and Fulaixi’s 3rd base grounder formed a double play.

Chen Chenwei’s a few-point shot. (Photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

Recreation 5 (Ape 1: 2 Brothers)

Following 5 on and 1 out, Chen Chenwei hits in heart subject, Lin Li hits in suitable field, Taoyuan executes double steal techniques, Chen Chenwei comes again from 2nd foundation when the second baseman caught the runner to score, Ape brothers 1:, Cheng Jin was attacked by Guan Dayuan, and the 1st foundation runner did not come back again in time to type a double eliminate.

5 hits, Fu Laixi hit in between very first and next foundation, Yue Donghua sacrificed and strike, Lin Shuyi hit from remaining discipline, the next foundation runner arrived back to rating, the batter took gain of the move to second foundation, Ape 1: 1 brothers, Lin Shuyi managed to steal 3rd base, Wang Weichen designed a second foundation roll on the ground, leading to a next baseman error, and the third foundation runner arrived back again to score.

On the fifth, Chen Chenwei concluded his career as a hundred burglars. (Picture by reporter Liao Yaodong)

On the fifth, Chen Chenwei accomplished his vocation as a hundred intruders. (Image by reporter Liao Yaodong)

Five situations, Lin Shuyi conquer on An to tie the score. (Picture by reporter Liao Yaodong)

With five hits, Wang Weichen strike the floor, leading to the ape to make a defensive blunder, and Lin Shuyi returned to the base to rating the lead. (Picture by reporter Liao Yaodong)

fourth match

In the 4th, Liao Jianfu strike a solitary to initial base, Lin Hongyu strike a cross to center, Liang Jiarong hit a fly ball to proper industry, Lin Chengfei struck out, and Qiu Dan strike a fly ball to right subject. the left subject.

Just after 4 hits and 2 outs, Chen Zihao produced a 4-out stroll, Chen Wenjie crossed the hit in proper discipline, and Yue Donghua flied out to left industry.

3rd recreation

3 on and 1 out, Yan Hongjun manufactured a four-run wander, Chen Chenwei strike second foundation in remaining field, Lin Li threw a four-run walk, and pitcher Chengjin built a double play.

Just after 3 hits and 1 out, Fu Laixi designed a 4-out wander, Yue Zhenghua made a ball on 2nd base, took benefit of the move, and the initially base runner made a pass mistake to go to next base Wild hits, Jiang Kunyu guerrilla floor to kind a double eliminate.

On the third, the peach monkey double-eliminate the protection and solve the disaster of a full base. (Photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

next match

Immediately after 2 on and 1 out, Liang Jiarong strike left field, Lin Chengfei created a double eliminate with a 3rd base ball.

2 situations, the brothers strike the line 3 occasions and a few occasions.

Second, the brothers killed the garrison twice to solve the disaster. (Picture by reporter Liao Yaodong)

to start with spherical

On the 1st, Lin Li manufactured 4 terrible walks, center fielder Cheng Jin flew the ball out, and Liao Jianfu guerilla placed the ball to type a double eliminate.

1, the brothers strike the line three moments and three periods.

It was raining on the subject, and supporters had been holding umbrellas one particular after the other. (Picture by reporter Liao Yaodong)

Lotte Peach Monkey’s 1st enjoy

Founder quantity 1 2nd
2nd stick Sung Jin Correct fielder
3rd Liao Jianfu initially baseman
The 4th adhere, Lin Hongyu designated strike
No. 5 Leung Ka-winger 3rd baseman
6th shortstop Lin Chengfei
7th stick Qiu Dan still left fielder
The adhere 8th Yan Hongjun holder
No. 9 Chen Chenwei, midfielder

Starting up pitcher: Banned Jue

Lord Lin. (Photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

CITIC brothers first

1st adhere Hayashi Shuyi Left fielder
No. 2 Jiang Kunyu shortcut
3rd Founder Wang Weichen
4th Heu Jihong initially baseman
5th adhere Chen Zihao selected shot
No. 6 Chen Wenjie, midfielder
Selection 7 Yue Donghua Next Founder
Felicity’s 8th catcher
9th stick Takemasa Hana ideal outfielder

Starting pitcher: Guan Dayuan

Guan Dayuan. (Photograph by reporter Liao Yaodong)

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