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ninthBureau (Lotte Peach Ape 7:9 Fubon Titans)

The Titans changed pitchers: Zeng Junyue,

eighthBureau (Lotte Peach Ape 7:9 Fubon Titans)

In the 8th inning, the Titans changed pitchers: Wang Weiyong, Zhu Yuxian were out with the infield high flyer, Zhang Minxun was out with the infield grounder, and Chen Chenwei was out in the field with the high flyer.

In the 8th inning, Zhang Guanting went out with a high fly ball in the right field, Dai Peifeng was out with a fly ball in the left field, Lin Zhexuan walked out with four bad balls, Wang Shengwei hit, Lin Zhexuan stole the base and successfully went to second base, walked with four bad balls, and Fan Guochen went out with a fly ball in the right field.

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seventhBureau (Lotte Peach Ape 7:9 Fubon Titans)

In the 7th inning, Lin Hongyu hit left field, Chen Junxiu struck out, Guo Yanwen out of bounds, and Lin Chengfei infield grounded out.

In 7 innings, Taoyuan changed pitchers: Xu Junyang, Xin Yuanxu, Uchino grounded out, Wang Zhengtang flew out, and Chen Zhen struck out.

sixthBureau (Lotte Peach Ape 7:9 Fubon Titans)

In the 6th inning, Chen Chenwei was out with a fly ball in the right field, Lin Li was out with a fly ball in the middle field, and Cheng Jin was out with a ball in the infield.

In 6 innings, Rakuten changed pitches: Su Junyu, Zhang Guanting infield grounder out, Fubon changed batters: Dai Peifeng hit the right field, Lin Zhexuan hit the center field, Rakuten changed pitches: Zhu Junxiang, Wang Shengwei infield grounder, The second base runner was touched, two outs, Fan Guochen’s three-point shot exploded, Taoyuan’s 7:9 fighter, and Lin Yiquan’s right field fly ball was killed.

Fan Guochen hit a 3-run home run. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

fifthBureau (Lotte Peach Ape 7:6 Fubon Titans)

In the 5th inning, Fubon changed votes: Lai Zhiyuan, Lin Chengfei guerilla grounder out, Zhu Yuxian first base grounder out, Zhang Minxun second base grounder out, three ups and threes.

In 5 innings, Wang Shengwei hits in the field, Fan Guochen hits second base, Lin Yiquan walks four off balls, Xin Yuanxu infield grounds out, there are people at the second and third bases, Taoyuan 7:5 Titans, Wang Zhengtang hits, there are people at the first and third bases , Taoyuan 7:6 Titans, Wang Zhengtang failed to steal base, two outs, Chen Zhen struck out.

fourthBureau (Lotte Peach Monkey 7:4 Fubon Titans)

In the 4th inning, Fubon changed votes: Hong Shengqin, Zhu Yuxian guerilla grounder out, Zhang Minxun hit the center field double, Chen Chenwei walked four balls, Lin Li swept the second base runner, Taoyuan 5:4 Titans, Cheng Jin hits the second base, Taoyuan 6:4 Titans, Lin Hongyu guerilla flies the ball, Wang Shengwei makes a pass error, the runner goes to third base, there are people on first and third base, and as soon as he is out, Chen Junxiu’s infield grounder safely hits base , the second base runner was blocked, the third base runner returned to home plate, Momomon 7:4 Titans, Guo Yanwen left field fly ball out, three outs.

Lin Li hit 2 RBIs. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

In the 4th inning, Chen Zhen hit a fly ball in the left field, Zhang Guanting was caught in the center field, Chen Zhenpi succeeded at second base, Su Weizhi struck out, and Lin Zhexuan struck out.

thirdBureau (Lotte Peach Ape 3:4 Fubon Titans)

In the 3rd inning, Cheng Jin’s midfield fly ball was out, Lin Hongyu caught the left field fly ball, Chen Junxiu hit the ground from second base, Guo Yanwen pitched in front of the pitcher for a hit, Chen Junxiu went to third base, Lin Chengfei hit, Taoyuan launched a double thief Base, Su Weizhi passed the second base, Guo Yanwen succeeded in stealing the base, Chen Junxiu returned to home plate to score, Taoyuan 3:4 Titans, Lin Chengfei infield high fly ball out, three outs.

In 3 innings, Lin Yiquan, Wang Zhengtang and Xin Yuanxu were out of the field with a fly ball.

secondBureau (Lotte Peach Monkey 2:4 Fubon Titans)

In the 2nd inning, Guo Yanwen hit the left field, Lin Chengfei hit the right field fly ball, Zhu Yuxian made a two-point shot, Taoyuan 2:4 Titans, Zhang Minxun hit the first base, Chen Chenwei hit the center field fly ball and was out , Lin Li struck out.



In the 2nd inning, Lin Zhexuan’s left field fly ball was out, Wang Shengwei’s fly ball was caught, and Fan Guochen’s third base grounded out, three ups and threes.

The first game (Rakuten Taoyuan 0:4 Fubon Titans)

In the 1st inning, Lin Li hit a grounder and was out, Cheng Jin was out with a fly ball in the middle field, Lin Hongyu hit the first base in the field, and Chen Junxiu was out with a first base ball.

In the 1st inning, Lin Zhexuan made a surprise bunt, hit the infield from the second base, the runner went to the second base, Wang Shengwei made a two-point shot from the left field, Taoyuan 0:2 Titans, Fan Guochen walked four balls, Lin Yiquan hit the center field, a , There is someone at second base, Xin Yuanxu catches the ball behind the first base, Wang Zhengtang makes a lot of mistakes to hit the base in the infield, and Fan Guochen at second base comes back to score, Taoyuan 0:3 Titans, there are people at first and second base, one out, Chen Zhensan The base car hits the edge of the ball, and the bases are full. Zhang Guanting hits the center field and Gao Fei sacrificed. Taoyuan 0:4, the first and third bases have people.

Lin Zhexuan hit a double. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Lin Zhexuan hit a double. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Wang Shengwei fired a two-point shot. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Wang Shengwei fired a two-point shot. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Lotte Peach Monkey first play

1 Lin Li 2B
2 percentJin RF
3 Lin Hongyu DH
4 Chen Junxiu 1B
5 Guo Yanwen 3B
6 Lin Chengfei SS
7 Zhu Yuxian LF
8 Jang Min Hoon C
9 Chen Chenwei CF

starting pitcher Ba Lin Jue

Fubon Titans start

1 Lin Zhexuan CF
2 Wang Shengwei SS
3 Fan Guochen 1B
4 Lin Yiquan DH
5 Xin Yuanxu 3B
6 Wang Zhengtang 2B
7 Chenreal LF
8 Crown Court RF
9 Su Weizhi C

starting pitcher Fan Yuyu

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