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ninth inning

On the 9th, the Titans changed pitcher Lan Kaiqing. After two outs, Shi Xiangyu hit the ball and Jiang Shaohong was out on first base.

With 9 hits, Weiquan replaced pitcher Lu Yongzhen.

Eighth Game (Dragon 8:1 Titans)

On the 8th, Dong Bingxuan hit the center field crossing, Qiu Chen flew out at second base, Zeng Chuansheng struck out, Guo Tianxin landed in left field to form an infield home run, Dragon 8:1 Titans, Wu Dongrong struck out.

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8 hits, Weiquan changed pitcher Wang Yupu, and the tyrant hit the line three times.

Guo Tianxin hits a home run. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Titan outfielder Dai Yunzhen didn’t catch the ball, and Guo Tianxin hit a home run in the field. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

seventh inning

After 7 on and 1 out, Lin Zhisheng hits between the first and second base, Li Kaiwei grounds the first base, the second base runner is blocked, and Jiang Shaohong makes the second base grounding.

With 7 hits, Dai Yunzhen hit the left field, Wang Shengwei was out in the middle field, Wang Zhengtang was out in the left field, the catcher caught Yi, the runner went to second base, and Fan Guochen was out on the third base.

sixth inning

After 6 on, 1 out, Guo Tianxin hit the middle field, the runner failed to steal bases, Wu Dongrong struck out.

6 hits, Weiquan replaced the pitcher Lin Yida, Fan Guochen made a four-break walk, Lin Yiquan struck out, Dai Peifeng grounded at first base, hit base by a fielder error, someone at first and second base, Xin Yuanxu was out with a fly ball in the field, Lin Zhexuan made a four-break walk, Shen Haowei struck out .

The fifth game (Dragon 6:1 Titans)

On the 5th, Zeng Chuan was promoted to left field for a second base, Guo Tianxin hit a cross between the first and second bases, the second base runner came back to score, the first base runner was pinched between the first and second bases, the dragon 3:1 Titans, Wu Dongrong left field second base In the fight, the Titans replaced pitcher Jiang Guohao, Namo flew the ball out of the center field, the pitcher violently shot the runner to third base, Lin Zhisheng got a four-break walk, Li Kaiwei hit the center field, the third base runner came back to score, the Dragons 4:1 Titans , Jiang Shaohong made a four-break walk, Dong Bingxuan hit the ground with a pass error at second base, the second and third base runners came back to score, the Dragons 6:1 Titans, the Titans replaced pitcher Li Ziqiang, and Qiu Chen flew the ball out of the right field.

5 times, the Titans hit the line three times and three times.

Guo Tianxin. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Zeng Chuansheng hit a double. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

You Tingwei. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

fourth game

After 4 on and 1 out, Dong Bingxuan crossed hits in three tours, and Qiu Chen guerilla grounded to form a double kill.

After 4 runs and 1 out, Lin Zhexuan hits from left field and Shen Haowei grounds third base to form a double play.

The third game (Dragon 2:1 Titans)

3 on, after two outs,Namo. Yiyang crossed the hits in the three tours, Lin Zhisheng was given four bad walks, and Li Kaiwei flew the ball out of the right field.

3 hits, 1 out, Wang Shengwei 4-break walk, Wang Zhengtang 2nd base grounder out, runner on second base, Fan Guochen 4-break walk, Lin Yiquan hit in right field, second base runner back to score, Long 2:1 Titans, Dai Peifeng Center field fly ball out.

Lin Yiquan knocked on security and sent the runner back. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

The second game (Dragon 2:0 Titans)

2 on, 1 out, Dong Bingxuan homered in right field, Long 2:0 Titans, Qiu Chen struck out, Zeng Chuansheng struck out.

In 2 hits, Dai Peifeng hit the midfield crossing, Xin Yuanxu guerrilla small fly ball out, Lin Zhexuan’s second base fly ball was out, Shen Haowei guerilla hit the ball, and the second base runner was blocked.

Dong Bingxuan hit a home run. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

The first game (Dragon 1:0 Titans)

In the 1st inning, Fubon’s starting pitcher, You Tingwei, struck out the striker, Guo Tianxin, the pioneer, and Wu Dongrong got four ball walks, and Namo. Yi Yang was assassinated on the third base grounder, the runner advanced to second base, Lin Zhisheng hit the right field double at the right time, Long Long got the point first, and Li Kaiwei struck out.

1 hit, Wang Shengwei crossed the hits in three trips, Wang Zhengtang made a second base grounder and the second base runner was out.

Lin Zhisheng. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Longlong first order

1 Guo Tianxin CF
2 Wu Dongrong 3B
3 Namo. Yiyang 1B
4 Lin Zhisheng DH
5 Li Kaiwei 2B
6 Jiang Shaohong C
7 Dong Bingxuan RF
8 Qiu Chen LF
9 Zeng Chuansheng SS

Starting pitcher: Breehan

Brie. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Fubon Titans start

1 Wang Shengwei SS
2 Wang Zhengtang 2B
3 Fan Guochen 1B
4 Lin Yiquan DH
5 Dai Peifeng C
6 Xin Yuanxu 3B
7 Lin Zhexuan CF
8 Shen Haowei RF
9 Dai Yunzhen LF

Starting pitcher: You Tingwei

You Tingwei. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

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