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‘Secret Marriage → Pregnancy’ Eli Lamentation “Postpartum Care Wife + Parallel Idol” (Attack Sisters)

U-Kiss’ Eli appears in ‘Attack’s Sisters – Concerned Cut Salon (co-produced by SK Broadband and Media S).

During the recent recording of ‘Attack on Sisters’, Eli said, “I want to give up the name Eli and live selfishly. I want to live a second life with my real name,” he said. When Park Mi-sun wondered, “Why is that selfish?”, Eli said, “I was always confused. It seems like this happened because I couldn’t even concentrate and live as he said and others would like.”

In the past, Eli had lived abroad while dreaming of becoming an actor in China. However, he admitted that he made his debut as an idol rather than an actor after his father, who wanted quick results, said, “Make an idol in Korea.”

In addition, Eli, who helped his wife give birth after getting married during idol activities, recalled, “I had a caesarean section so that it did not overlap with my return date, but the return was brought forward, so I had nothing. choice but to do broadcasting activities and my wife’s postnatal care at the same time.” He recalled the situation where he could not even adjust his schedule for fear of harming the team and becoming a “yes man”. Her story can be seen on ‘Attack Sisters’, which is broadcast at 9:20pm on the 6th.

Eli previously met Jiyeon-su, a racing model 11 years older than him at the age of 20, and secretly reported marriage in 2014. At the time, Eli was actively promoting as a member of U-Kiss. When Jiyeonsu became pregnant, Eli announced the marriage and pregnancy registration at the same time in December 2015, and in June of the following year, Eli had a son. At the time of the wedding report, U-Kiss leader Suhyeon stepped forward and said, “We were also embarrassed. However, it hurts my heart to think how difficult it was during that time. He probably wanted to let us know in advance, but he probably didn’t have the courage.

Afterwards, Eli appeared on KBS ‘The Living Men’ with Jiyeon-soo and had a wedding ceremony after 3 years of marriage registration. To dismiss concerns about infidelity, he had a large picture of Yeon Ji-soo tattooed on his arm.

However, in November 2020, the news of the divorce was announced, and they also appeared together as a divorced couple in Chosun TV’s real-time drama ‘We Got Divorced 2’, drawing attention.

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