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Secretary-General of Taiwan Logistics Association: During the epidemic, online shopping will increase the volume of goods and “red light”_Taiwan_News_Taiwan Hai.com

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  (Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Secretary-General of Taiwan Logistics Association: During the epidemic, the increase in online shopping traffic can “light red”

China News Service, Beijing, June 29. Zhong Rongqin, secretary-general of the Taiwan Logistics Association, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency on the 29th that during the epidemic, the consumption habits of Taiwanese people changed from offline to online. In particular, orders for fresh fruits and vegetables increased sharply, but logistics The company’s transportation volume could not keep up, causing “traffic jams” and causing inconvenience to people’s lives.

The outbreak of the local epidemic in Taiwan has changed the consumption behavior of the people. The sudden increase in demand for takeaways has greatly increased the performance of e-commerce platforms, but logistics is facing a “traffic jam” situation, and the volume can be “red light”. Currently, among the major logistics providers in Taiwan, Black Cat TA-Q-BIN and Home Delivery have suspended accepting low-temperature parcel delivery; although Hsinchu Logistics and Kerry Daiei Logistics have not suspended, they cannot guarantee delivery on the next day.

Zhong Rongqin said that the products that require low-temperature packages are mainly fruits and vegetables and fresh food. At present, most products take at least 2 to 3 days to arrive, and some products are delayed for 7 to 10 days. Delays caused many products to arrive at poor quality and decreased freshness, causing consumer dissatisfaction.

Recently, the Taiwan authorities extended the three-level epidemic prevention alert to July 12. Lin Zhixiong, chairman of the Taiwan Freight Warehousing Industry Union, said that Minsheng relies on logistics, but every time the Taiwan authorities announce the extension of the three-level alert, there are no supporting measures. “The package can’t be delivered, and the logistics driver has been stretched to the limit.”

In addition to logistics and transportation, the volume of product packaging is also challenged. Huang Zhihan, general manager of Yunlin Zhengyang Agricultural Products Co., Ltd., said that during the epidemic, the demand for packaging was too great. Many packaging factories said that they were “more horrible than the New Year”, and packaging cartons were also out of stock due to the price increase of raw materials such as pulp. .

Huang Zhihan believes that the pressure of logistics and packaging will directly affect the willingness of the production area to produce goods. For example, if fruits and vegetables are left for too long, they are perishable. Under pressure, farmers may choose to reduce the amount of planting, which will affect the supply. If the epidemic continues, the prices of fresh fruits and vegetables may continue to rise.

In addition, Taiwanese media reported that the “Pandemic Epidemic Command Center” of the Taiwan authorities announced on the 29th that 54 newly confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia were newly confirmed in a single day since the third level of the epidemic alert; 8 new deaths were added. In the recent outbreak in Pingtung County, a cluster infection of mutant strains of the new crown virus “Delta”, the “command center” announced 2 new confirmed cases on the same day, and the incident has expanded to 14 confirmed cases. So far, a total of 14,748 confirmed cases and 643 deaths have been confirmed in Taiwan.(Source: Liu Dawei, China News Network reporter)


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